An illustration of a boy and girl on top of an open book. In the book, the headline, "The TE form in Japanese A complete GUIDE" can be seen.

Japanese Te Form: A Complete Guide

Te-Form, Part I: Putting It All Together How do you go from the short, choppy sentences found in your first-year Japanese textbook to longer, more complex statements? If I had to name the single element of Japanese grammar that is most important to moving past the beginner level, it would have to be the te-form. … Read more

An illustration of a boy and girl standing beneath a title that reads, "JAPANESE VERBS: A Beginner's Guide to Conjugation."

Japanese Verbs: A Beginner’s Guide to Conjugation

Mastering Japanese verbs is probably one of the most important skills you need to become fluent in Japanese.  Knowing how to conjugate Japanese verbs will allow you to describe actions, desires, situations and a lot more. Most people think that learning Japanese verbs is very difficult.  This is NOT true!  Learning Japanese verbs is easy.  … Read more