Free Japanese Lessons & Resources for Intermediate Level Students

If you already mastered the basics of Japanese, these intermediate level lessons are for you. These lessons can help you master the difficult, but useful grammar and vocabulary you will encounter at this level. When you finish all of these lessons, be sure to check out our advanced material or feel free to browse through all of our lessons and resources.

Best Resource for Learning Natural Japanese

JapanesePod101 Review: An Awesome Way to Learn Japanese Fast

Learn Kanji

How to Learn Kanji: The Best Method

Intermediate Japanese Lessons

Honorific Titles: San, Sama, Chan, Kun, and MoreAll About Transitive & Intransitive Verbs in Japanese
The Japanese Potential FormThe Causative Form in Japanese: A Detailed Guide
Expressing Desire in Japanese:  The Tai FormHow to Use the ~Tari Form: Listing Actions & Qualities
The Tsumori Form in Japanese: I Intend To ~ / I’m Going To ~Using べき (Beki) in Japanese: Saying What You Should/Should Not Do
Sou Desu in Japanese: A Ultra Useful WordUsing the Sou Form: It Looks Like ~ / I Hear That ~
How to Use と思います(To Omoimasu) in JapaneseTe Iku & Te Kuru: More Than Just Coming and Going
The ばかり (Bakari) Form in Japanese: A Complete GuideThe Volitional Form in Japanese
The Japanese Conditional Form たら (Tara)The Ba Form in Japanese
The と (To) Conditional in Japanese Kamoshiremasen: How to Say Maybe in Japanese

Best Japanese Books for Intermediate Level Students


How to Say ~ in Japanese

These lessons may seem basic, but many of them cover advanced level Japanese concepts, facts, and insights.

How to Say Hello in JapaneseHow to Say Goodbye in Japanese
How to Say Thank You in Japanese: Expressing Gratitude How to Say You’re Welcome in Japanese
How to Say Beautiful in Japanese How to Say I Love You in Japanese
How to Say Yes in Japanese How to Say No in Japanese
How to Say Mother in JapaneseHow to Say Wife in Japanese
How to Say Father in JapaneseHow to Say Husband in Japanese
How to Say Brother in JapaneseHow to Say Sister in Japanese
How to Say Friend in JapaneseHow to Say Please in Japanese
How to Say “I” in Japanese How to Say “You” in Natural Japanese
How to Say Congratulations in Japanese How to Say Happy Birthday in Japanese
How to Say Boy in JapaneseHow to Girl in Japanese
How to Say Shut Up in JapaneseHow to Say “Only” in Japanese
How to Say the Four Seasons in Japanese How To Say Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner Japanese
How to Say Wear in Japanese: 6 Different Ways to Put Things On

Learning Japanese Tips & Tricks

The Best Way to Learn Japanese: Tips and TricksTop 5 Mistakes Everyone Makes Learning Japanese
How Long Does it Take to Learn Japanese?The 5 Best Things I Did to Learn Japanese
How to Practice Speaking Japanese by YourselfHow to Speak in Japanese if You’re Shy
How to Learn Japanese Fast

Learn to Speak Natural Japanese: Useful Words

13 Amazingly Useful Japanese Words20 Cool Japanese Slang Words Being Used Right Now
Daijoubu in Japanese:  The Most Useful Word EverSugoi in Japanese: Amazing! Awesome! Wow! 
Itadakimasu and Gochisousama Deshita: Eating in JapanComing & Going: Ittekimasu, Itterasshai, Tadaima & Okaerinasai
Naruhodo: I See, I Got It, and More!The Most Useful Kanji for Tourists Traveling in Japan
Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasu in JapaneseWhat Does Chotto Matte Mean?
What Does Mendokusai Mean?Shitsurei Shimasu: Essential Japanese Etiquette
How to Use Sumimasen Naturally Ganbaru & Ganbatte in Japanese

Living in Japanese: Useful Japanese

How to Order Food in Any Restaurant in Japan like a ProUseful Phrases for Meeting People in Japan
Going to the Doctor in Japan: A Quick GuideJapanese Phrases for the Doctor’s Office

Cool Japanese Words

21 Cool Japanese Words That Are Hauntingly Beautiful10 Useful Japanese Proverbs to Sound Like a Pro
10 Japanese Tongue Twisters That Will Challenge You

Resources for Learning Japanese

JapanesePod101 Review: The Easiest Way to Learn Japanese?Rosetta Stone Japanese Review: Does it Really Work?
Pimsleur Japanese Review: Is It Worth It?iKnow Japanese Review: Is It Worth Paying For?
Best Resources for Learning JapaneseThe Best Apps for Learning Japanese
Free Websites to Learn Japanese: Reading, Writing, & Speaking


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