Osaka is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Japan.  There are tons of things to see, do, and especially eat.  Osaka is known for their phrase “kuidaore,” which literally translates to “eat until you’ve reach financial ruin.”  While there are tons of good food to be enjoyed in Osaka, there are also lots of things to do and see.  A trip to Osaka is perfect for anyone who loves shopping, nightlife, and food!

Top Attractions in Osaka

Osaka Aquarium - Manta Rays
Osaka Aquarium – Kaiyukan
Universal Studios Japan - Christmas Entrance
Universal Studios Japan
Osaka Castle - Autumn
Osaka Castle
Minoo Park Waterfall with a couple under a red Japanese style umbrella on a red bridge in front of the waterfall.
Minoo Park
Korean Foods
Tsuruhashi Korea Town
Kuromon Market
Kuromon Market
Osaka Station City
Osaka Station City
Abeno Harukas The Skyscraper That Stands Above the Rest
Abeno Harukas

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