How-To Guides

Japan has amazing culture, technology, and customs.  People who visit Japan or even choose to live there are in awe of how different things are from their own country.  These differences, while great, can also lead to a lot of frustration and anxiety.

What if you need to buy medicine from a drugstore?  Everything is written in complex Japanese, which makes it near impossible to understand without years of learning Japanese.  Or what if you just want to enjoy soaking in a beautiful Japanese hot spring?  There’s pretty important rules you need to follow for that too.

Don’t fear!  The True Japan how-to guides to the rescue!  Check out our guides that will make Japan a whole lot easier to figure out an enjoy.


How-To Guides

How to Get a Japanese Driver’s License

Moving to Japan Part I – How to Prepare for Your Move

Moving to Japan Part II – After Landing in Japan

Leaving Japan – Part III – Moving Back Home

How to Find an Apartment in Japan

How to Find a Non-Teaching Job in Japan

How to Use a High Tech Japanese Toilet

How to Go to the Doctor in Japan: A Quick Guide

How to Stay Fit in Japan

The Complete Guide to Over-The-Counter Medicine in Japan



A Beginners Guide to Onsen (Hot Springs) in Japan

Basic Japanese Onsen Etiquette


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