Kyoto: A Must-Visit City in Japan

Daigo-ji KyotoIf you want to experience traditional Japanese culture, see amazing Japanese sites, and have some of the best food in Japan, a trip to Kyoto is a must.

There are lots of temples and shrines for those who love history, but there are also tons of fun attractions for those who prefer something more modern.

Simply put, Kyoto offers something for everyone and should be on your list of must-visit cities in Japan.

Top Attractions in Kyoto

Kinkakuji - Far Shot Pond
Fushimi Inari Shrine - Walking Through
Fushimi Inari Shrine
Kiyomizu Temple - Veranda
Kiyomizudera Temple
Three Geisha Walking Down the Street in Gion, Kyoto.
Ginkaku-ji The Silver Pavilion surrounded by trees and pond.
Ginkaku-ji (The Silver Pavilion)
Nijo Castle with an up-close of the Big Gate
Nijo Castle (Nijo-jo)
Nishiki Market Kyoto’s Pantry of Awesome Food
Nishiki Market

Top Attractions in Arashiyama

Monkey Park Iwatayama - Taking Pictures
Monkey Park Iwatayama
Okochi Sanso - Garden and Home
Okochi Sanso

Places to Stay in Kyoto

Ritz-Carlton Kyoto Garden Terrace Suite Living Room
The 10 Best Hotels in Kyoto
Best Hostels in Kyoto
The 10 Best Hostels in Kyoto
Hotel Granvia Kyoto
Hotel Granvia Kyoto
Kyoto Century Hotel
Kyoto Century Hotel
Ks House Kyoto Review
K’s House Kyoto
J-Hoppers Kyoto Review
J-Hoppers Kyoto
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