Best Manga Lists

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These lists help you to find the best manga titles in a particular genre.

Be warned: You might not be able to put these manga down!

The Best Manga Lists

The 30 Best Manga of All Time

The 10 Best Horror Manga That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

The Top 5 Manga for Women in Their 20s

The 10 Best Isekai Manga Ever Created

The 10 Best Romance Manga

The 14 Best Action Manga That Will Make You Addicted to Reading

The 9 Best Yandere Manga That You’ll Never Forget

The 15 Best Survival Manga to Keep You on Edge

The 11 Best Henshin (Metamorphosis) Manga That You Absolutely Must Read

The 20 Best Seinen Manga to Blow Your Mind

The 14 Best Shoujo Manga You’ll Fall in Love With

The 10 Best Comedy Manga to Make You Laugh Uncontrollably

The 10 Best Sports Manga Ever Written

The 15 Best Adventure Manga That Will Make Your Heart Race

The 15 Best Beginner Manga to Start Your Addiction

The 20 Best Fighting Manga to Get Your Blood Pumping

The 15 Best Thriller Manga To Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seat

The 10 Best Cooking Manga That Will Make You Hungry

The 15 Best Vampire Manga To Take A Bite Out Of

The 15 Best Completed Manga Ever Created

The 10 Best Josei Manga You’ll Never Forget

The 15 Best Mystery Manga To Make Your Heart Race

The 15 Best Samurai Manga That Cuts Deep

The 15 Best Harem Manga To Fantasize Over

The 15 Best Magic Manga To Make Your Boredom Disappear

The 10 Best New Manga in 2022

The 20 Best Slice of Life Manga to Warm Your Soul

The 20 Best Drama Manga That Will Leave An Impression On Your Heart

The 20 Best RomCom Manga to Make You Feel Good All Over

The 20 Best Friendship Manga Ever Made

The 20 Best Short Manga Series: 5 Volumes Or Less

The Best 10 Historical Manga Series You Need In Your Library

The 15 Best Steampunk Manga For Pure Enjoyment

The 10 Best Yuri Manga For You To Explore

The 20 Best Reincarnation Manga That Will Make You Feel Reborn

The 20 Best Mecha Manga To Satisfy All Of Your Robotic Needs

The 20 Best Revenge Manga That Are Totally Satisfying

The 11 Best Adult Romance Manga to Set Your Heart Aflutter

The 8 Best Live-Action Manga Movie/TV Adaptations

The 10 Best Manga Duos That You’ll Remember Forever

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