The 15 Best Magic Manga To Make Your Boredom Disappear

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Between romance, crime, and thrills, manga holds a special place for those wondrous magical adventures in worlds we can’t wait to get lost in.

Below we count down our very best magic manga, stepping into our favorite worlds, hoping you find a new home away from home!

15. Kenja No Mago, AKA Wise Man’s Grandchild (Tsuyoshi Yoshioka & Shunsuke Ogata, 2016 – Present)

Kenja No Mago manga

A lighter take on the reincarnation storyline, albeit starting in tragedy with the death of a young professional as he wakes up in a world filled with magic, danger, adventures, and demons!

Renamed “Shin” and taken under the wing of Merlin Wolford, a renowned hero of this magical world, our hero spends his youth indulging in every magical lesson, honing his incredible skills and powers.

Magical talent aside, Merlin failed with one of the most important lessons every father figure should instill in their child…common sense! As the ruler of the land, Diseum sees Shin’s potential and asks for Merlin’s permission to allow him to join the prestigious Magic Academy.  

Shin leaves for the academy, packing all but his brains, as he starts this new exciting magical chapter in his life! What will happen on his journey? You have to find out for yourself!  

If you can read Japanese, the Japanese edition of volume 1 can be found over at Amazon here: 賢者の孫 (1) – Wise Man’s Grandchild

14. Roku De Nashi Majutsu Kōshi to Akashikku Rekōdo (Tarō Hitsuji & Aosa Tsunemi, 2015 – 2021)

Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor manga

Also known as “Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor,” you’re in for a treat with every volume.  

With a lifelong goal of fulfilling her grandfather’s final wish and learning the truth behind the mysterious Sky Castle, Sistine enrolls in a prestigious magical academy to be taught by the best of the best.

Early into her studies, her favorite teacher retires and is replaced by the lazy, unassuming Glenn Radars. Furious that this replacement was hand-picked by her former teacher, Sistine questions her school and what it has to offer.

However, the school is suddenly attacked, with none other than Glenn Radars left to be called into action. Showing his true power, Glenn gives a glimpse into his tragic past, showing why he was chosen for the job and leads Sistine to second guess her quick judgment.

Dealing with depression, relationships, and friendships, this manga is a fantastic tale that shows that you can’t judge a book by its cover and the power that comes with following your dreams.

Grab volume 1 here on Amazon: Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor Vol. 1

Find other volumes of this series here: Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor manga series

13. Majo, AKA Witches (Daisuke Igarashi, 2003 – 2004)

Witches manga

This beautifully drawn tale delves into one’s beliefs in religion and the grey areas in between. Short stories that live beyond the realm of what most of us would call supernatural, Majo gives us incredible insights into those practicing the dark arts.

Outcasts in general society, these beings watch from the shadows as they cast their spells, some for the benefit of the land they call home, some with much more sinister intentions. Turned away by religion and kingdom rulers the world over, these witches face different difficulties in their lives. However, all share one thing in common; the hatred of those who fear them… 

Grab the complete collection edition on Amazon here: Witches: The Complete Collection

12. Sorcerous Stabber Orphen (Yoshinobu Akita 2017- Present)

Sorcerous Stabber Orphen manga

Orphen is a promising young sorcerer in the Tower of Fang, seemingly wasting away his talents playing the role of the loan shark. He tries to accumulate wealth while holding on to the hope of finding his long-lost “sister.”

Orphen’s natural magical skills garner the interest of Dortin and Volkan, two cunning opportunists planning to use Orphen in their marriage fraud scheme.

As their plan falls apart, the trio is suddenly in the center of a giant monster attack. Between fighting for their lives and escaping with any shreds of their newfound plan intact, Orphen finally hears about Azalie. Cursed to take on the form of a monstrous dragon for the past five years, Orphen finally finds his sister; however, with bounties on her head, Orphen has to juggle keeping her alive while uncovering the truth behind her.

You can check out volume 1 here on Amazon: Sorcerous Stabber Orphen (Manga) Vol. 1

You can find other volumes in this series here: Sorcerous Stabber Orphen manga series

11. Black Summoner (Doufu Mayoi, & Gin Amou, 2018 – Present)

Black Summoner manga

A manga adventure in a world of fun, fighting, and excitement! First, we meet a clueless Kelvin as he awakens in a land of confusion, with no recollection of how he came to be.

Step by step, Kelvin learns that he sold his memories to pay for incredible abilities, giving him new strength and powers beyond his dreams. His new role as a Summoner comes with the responsibility of using these new powers to defeat the monsters in this world.

Joined by Efil, his devout follower, they traverse the land as Kelvin satiates his hunger for battle, realizing that this new life is only given true meaning when putting his power to the test against these terrifying foes!

A wild, magical adventure, the overpowered Kelvin shows us the best way of living is always putting yourself to the test!

You can get volume 1 of this series here on Amazon: Black Summoner: Volume 1

Find other volumes of this Black Summoner here: Black Summoner manga series

10. Magician (Ryōko Takashina, 1981 – 1995)

Magician manga

A magic show host, Shougo, regrettably plays a part in the tragic death of the parents of a young girl, Yuki. To try and make things right, Shougo uses his magic to wipe Yuki’s memory of the events. He takes her under his wing and takes care of her. 

Thus begins a series of magical adventures for the duo, intertwined with crimes and murder, relying on Shougo’s magical prowess and wisdom to often get them out of these sticky situations!

This manga follows the duo through more adult themes as they mature together, evolving their relationship from a guardian to more through perilous adventures with Shougo saving the day! 

This manga is great when you’re looking for something unique that will capture your attention.

You can find the Japanese edition of volume 1 of this manga on Amazon: マジシャン (1) – Magician 1

9. Mahō Sensei Negima! (Ken Akamatsu, 2003 – 2012)

Mahō Sensei Negima! manga

A mystery shrouded in magic begins with young Negi Springfield searching for clues to lead him to his missing father, a powerful mage named Nagi.

Negi will stop at nothing in his quest for knowledge in hopes that it leads him in the right direction, even tackling his greatest challenge…teaching an English class to 31 girls! While keeping his identity hidden, Negi must protect his new school against onslaughts of monsters holding a grudge against his long-lost father.

Confiding in student Asuna Kagurazaka, Negi gains more than just a temporary ally and finds a friend in his quest, as the two take the class on trips far and wide searching for any signs of Nagi!

Will Negi catch up with his father before the reputation of the man he seeks finds him first?  

If you can read and understand Japanese, you can find volume 1 of the Japanese edition here on Amazon: 新装版 魔法先生ネギま!(1) – Mahō Sensei Negima!

8. Dungeon Meshi, AKA Delicious in Dungeon (Ryōko Kui, 2014 – Present)

Delicious in Dungeon manga

A culinary adventure into a world of magic and monsters, Dungeon Meshi teaches us our way around a kitchen AND a monster-infested dungeon!

Laios’s sister is eaten alive, and his supplies are gone. Left with nothing but determination and the cooking equipment on his back, Laios is still reeling from his disastrous raid. Laios and his team are racing against the clock to save his sister from being digested. They bake, fry, and stir their way through the dungeon using anything and everything at their disposal, even if the ingredients in their meal fight back!

Set in a medieval fantasy world, this magical cookery adventure uses its straightforward storyline to highlight authentic cooking with excellent character development for its varied cast! You’ll feel like one of the characters in an RPG as the gang traverses magical traps and monsters with you right by their side!

Grab volume 1 over at Amazon here: Delicious in Dungeon, Vol. 1

You can get other volumes in this series here: Delicious in Dungeon manga series

7. Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation (Rifujin na Magonote & Yuka Fujikawa, 2014 – Present)

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation manga

Just when he thought his life couldn’t get any more meaningless, our unnamed protagonist hits a new low as he misses his parents’ funeral, eventually leading to him being evicted from his home.

Down on his luck, the fears of life’s pointlessness washing over him, a rare opportunity arises as a speeding truck is hurtling toward a crowd of teenagers. Eager to finally do some good in the world, he jumps into action, saving one of them but loses his own life. 

A light at the end of the tunnel emerges, and he realizes he’s been reborn, memories intact, into a world of magic and adventure! Desperate to give his all with this second chance, he renames himself Rudeus Greyrat and explores his deep connection to the magic this land has to offer!

This story of redemption fuelled by sorcery is an absolute must-read for any magic adventure fans!

Check out volume 1 here on Amazon: Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation, Vol. 1

Find other volumes in this series here: Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation manga series

6. Witch Hat Atelier (Kamome Shirahama, 2016 – Present)

Witch Hat Atelier manga

Young Coco spends her day making dresses and daydreaming of her lifelong wish of becoming a witch! Her only problem is that she lacks any magical ability and equipment, leaving her to accept her fate of being ordinary.

One day, she sees a young wizard named Qifrey casting spells using his magical ink; unable to control herself, Coco accidentally casts a spell that turns her mother into stone and kicks off her new life as a witch’s apprentice.

Leaving her sewing needles behind, Coco and Qifrey set off through the magical world to track down the truth behind the spell that changed her life, revealing more than she could have ever bargained for! A secret that binds two worlds together, this manga immerses you into the life of witches and power only to be imagined. Can Coco fulfill her destiny?

You can find volume 1 of Witch Hat Atelier on Amazon here: Witch Hat Atelier 1

A 5-volume set (volumes 1-5) is also available here: Witch Hat Atelier Set

You can get other volumes in this series here: Witch Hat Atelier manga series

5. Little Witch Academia (Yō Yoshinari & Keisuke Satō, 2017 – 2018)

Little Witch Academia manga

Little Atsuko Kagari has dreamed of becoming a witch her whole life, but her lack of magic puts her ambitions on hold.

That is until she has an encounter with “Shiny Chariot,” a powerful, inspiring witch, after which she decides to enroll in Luna Nova Magical Academy to start her new life!

With the help of the ominous Shiny Rod relic, Atsuko is granted the use of magic, seemingly due to her pure intentions of wanting to spread good throughout the world.

With the school trying to stay relevant in the ever-evolving society, Atsuko is trying to live up to Shiny Chariot’s expectations as she masters her new powers through exciting adventures!

A fantastic tale showing that power and bravery can come from even the most unexpected places, with Atsuko proving that you really can achieve anything!

You can take a look a volume 1 on Amazon here: Little Witch Academia, Vol. 1

Find other volumes of this series here: Little Witch Academia manga series

4. Mahō Tsukai No Yome, AKA The Ancient Magus’ Bride (Kore Yamazaki, 2013 – Present)

The Ancient Magus' Bride manga

Desperate times call for desperate measures as we meet Chise Hatori at the lowest point in her life, standing on the auction block of her own free will. Chise was abandoned by her family and the small Japanese town she grew up in, so she sells herself to the highest bidder in an attempt to find a new home.

Enter Elias Ainsworth, a seven-foot-tall “human” with a skull in place for his head, paying five million pounds for Chise and moving her over to England, intrigued at Chise’s ability to see spirits. Elias explains that he is a “magus,” although he seems to be someone more sinister. He plans to train Chise and take her hand in marriage.

This otherworldly slice of life manga presents the trials and tribulations of what could be if life were a little more magical and mystical, opening up Chise’s eyes to the good and evil in this mysterious new world.

You’ll find yourself flipping through the pages once you start reading this series.  

You can grab volume 1 over here on Amazon: The Ancient Magus’ Bride Vol. 1

You can get other volumes of this manga here: The Ancient Magus’ Bride manga series

3. Black Clover (Yūki Tabata, 2015 – Present)

Black Clover manga

A staple in the magical manga genre, it’s hard to look past Black Clover when talking about magical adventures.

Asta and Yuno, two orphans abandoned as babies, prove that sometimes the world can be cruel and unfair. With everyone in the Clover Kingdom born with a natural ability to perform magic, Asta seems to be an exception.  

Yuno, on the other hand, improves his power at an alarming rate, mastering every magical ability he comes across. Asta never gives up hope that powers will come to him while training his body and mind.

Yuno acquires a fabled four-leaf grimoire, a spellbook used as a conduit for a wizard’s power. Asta eventually gets an ominous five-leaf Black Clover grimoire. 

They each join a magical squad, ready to take their first steps into a new world. Asta is well prepared for this day where his life finally begins, and Yuno is ready to finally test how far his powers can go!

Check out volume 1 on Amazon here: Black Clover, Vol. 1 

A 17-volume set can be found here: Black Clover Manga Set

Other volumes on this series can be found here: Black Clover manga series

M×0 manga

2. M×0 (Yasuhiro Kanō, 2006 – 2008)

In a familiar setting with a magical twist, we meet Kuzumi Taiga as he tries to enroll in Seinagi High School. In his interview, Kuzumi is asked an odd question, “what would you do if you could use magic?” He blurts out the first thing that came to mind (take over the world, obviously), making him the target of ridicule by a passing female student.

Failing to receive a place at Seinagi High, Kuzumi believes it was that female student who put in a bad word and cost him his spot, so he sets out to give her a piece of his mind!

One thing leads to another, and Kuzumi finds himself as Seinagi High’s newest student, completely unaware that he’s joined a school of magic! The manga is filled with hilarious misunderstandings, playing into Kuzumi’s lack of magical ability.

Fantastic fights, alongside great artwork and character development, this comedy-action manga has everything you need for a lighthearted read!

The Japanese edition of volume 1 can be found here on Amazon: Mx0 Volume 1 (Japanese edition)

A 10-volume set of the Japanese edition can be found here: エム×ゼロ コミック 全10巻完結セット

1 . Fairy Tail (Hiro Mashima, 2006 – 2017)

Fairy Tail manga

Fairy Tail is the undisputed magical adventure you need to read in your lifetime. The story follows Dragon Slayer Natsu Dragneel on his quest to reunite with his dragon father. A powerful fire mage, Natsu is a part of the infamous Fairy Tail guild, applying his magical prowess for cash as he completes posted missions and grows his reputation. 

Along with new recruit Lucy Heartfilia, the adventures come thick and fast as our heroes cultivate their magical abilities through hard-fought action and often heartfelt journeys. 

The magic is well thought out, expansive and exciting. You also get to see a range of magic powers lacking in other manga.

With inspiration from classic Akira Toriyama and J.R.R Tolkien tales, the adventures are fuelled by manic imagination and wonderment, earning the top spot on our best magic manga list.

Get volume 1 of this amazing series on Amazon here: FAIRY TAIL 1

An 11-volume set (volumes 1-11) can be found here: FAIRY TAIL Manga Box Set 1

More box sets and other volumes of this series can be bought here: Fairy Tail manga series

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