An illustration of a girl holding a magic staff looking up at a magical figure floating in the air in front of her, who is also holding a magical staff.

The 15 Best Magic Manga To Make Your Boredom Disappear

Between romance, crime, and thrills, manga holds a special place for those wondrous magical adventures in worlds we can’t wait to get lost in. Below we count down our very best magic manga, stepping into our favorite worlds, hoping you find a new home away from home! 15. Kenja No Mago, AKA Wise Man’s Grandchild … Read more

An illustration of a man holding a flare in the middle of a dark, swamp. He is walking in water, with two huge skulls in front of him. Trees are in the background and birds and be seen flying overhead.

The 15 Best Mystery Manga To Make Your Heart Race

Murder, crime, lies, and romance; the ingredients for a great mystery manga can vary, but each adds its own spin on a tale that keeps you guessing. We’ve been sitting on the edge of our seats as we put together a list of the 15 best mystery manga we’ve read, so let’s start cracking some … Read more

An illustration of a man and woman in each other's arms, embracing in a field, with the sunset/sunrise in the background.

The 15 Best Completed Manga Ever Created

A finished manga is a thing of beauty; a complete story with love, loss, redemption, and closure. We want the best for our paperback companions, and a satisfying ending can sometimes be tough to come by. Here are the 15 best completed manga that you should add to your reading bucket list. Without sticking to … Read more

An illustration of a man standing next to a truck with its light on. There is a very creepy, haunted house in front of them off to the right.

The 15 Best Thriller Manga To Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seat

Tension, anxiety, and relief are the most common feelings when letting ourselves slip into another world filled with thrills and mysteries. Away from the action and adventure, the thriller genre keeps us guessing as we invest further and further into a story that becomes almost life-like to us readers; below, we’re counting down our favorite … Read more

An illustration of a man in a karate gi uniform with a sword, running along the side of a wall in a dojo, with a robot looking standing in the dojo with one of its arms shaped like a laser gun or weapon. This weapon arm is pointed at the man running across the wall.

The Best 20 Fighting Manga To Get Your Blood Pumping

Lace up your gloves, grab your sword, and get ready to go toe to toe with some of manga’s strongest fighters from a multitude of universes! Exploring the different martial arts, fighting styles, and techniques used through a vast array of fighting manga, join us as we count down through the best 20 fighting manga … Read more

An illustration of a young girl with pink hair and a drawn bow and arrow in a forest.

The 15 Best Adventure Manga That Will Make Your Heart Race

Manga is a one-way ticket into a world full of excitement, energy, and adventure. Meeting new friends and standing firm against fearsome enemies, we rally together on the quests filled with danger. From chasing dragons to avenging fallen friends, we honor some of our favorite manga heroes with this list of the 15 best adventure … Read more

An illustration of two men silhouettes boxing in the foreground, with faint silhouettes of people in the background.

The 10 Best Sports Manga Ever Written

Tension, electricity, and adrenaline are exactly what we feel when we delve into the world of sports manga. We feel a bond with our teammates as we read through the pages.   Below we’ll take a rundown of the best sports manga ever, introducing our favorite teammates along the way! 10. Blue Lock (Muneyuki Kaneshiro, 2018 … Read more

A young, Asian girl in a Japanese high school uniform lying down on a bed. Her hands are covering her mouth while she is laughing at something.

The 10 Best Comedy Manga to Make You Laugh Uncontrollably

Manga has the power to take over our lives and show us unimaginable things. It takes us on guided tours of some of the weirdest and most wonderful, creative landscapes thought up by our favorite authors. However, one thing we forget to look out for in manga is comedy. The comedy styles in manga can … Read more