Hiroshima: A City of Peace

A area around the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum at night, with the building reflecting off of the water in the pond.

Hiroshima’s iconic Atomic Dome is instantly recognizable, showing the effects and tragedy of war. Modern Hiroshima, however, has little feelings of tragedy about it.

The city is lively and fun, and one of the most welcoming to international visitors in the entire country. It’s a strange feeling.

The Peace Park and Museum are at the city center, yet Hiroshima residents cut through the park on their way to work. Among the steady stream of tourists paying their respects, the people of the city go about their day-to-day lives. The city has not forgotten its tragic past but has learned to live with it.

Hiroshima is worth spending time in, not just to give the Museum and Peace Park the attention they deserve, but to allow yourself time to reflect and recover, learning from the people of Hiroshima on how to make peace with tragedy.

Top Attractions in Hiroshima

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