Living in Japan

Whether you are living in Japan or just visiting, here are some tips and advice to get the most out of your stay.  As a foreigner living in or visiting Japan, you’ll have to get used to many new experiences.  Let this sarcastic, yet hopefully funny and informative blog help you out.  You’ll learn things like:  how to live and work in Japan, Japanese culture, everyday Japanese situations, rules, interesting insights and more.  In addition to all of this, you’ll also hear a few of my crazy, lewd, and funny experiences I had while living in Japan a few years ago.  Hope you enjoy!

Working in Japan

JET Program:

The JET Program Application Tips and Advice

The JET Program Interview – Tips and Sample Questions

7 Things You Need to Do before Coming to Japan

JET Program Packing Guide – What to Bring and What to Leave Behind

7 Essential Tips on How to Be a Great ALT 

 A Typical Day Working as an ALT


Teaching English Jobs in Japan

International Kindergarten Jobs in Japan: Worth It?

Teaching English in Japan: The JET Program vs. Interac



Basic Japanese Onsen Etiquette


How-To Guides

How to Use a High Tech Japanese Toilet

Going to the Doctor in Japan: A Quick Guide

How to Stay Fit in Japan


Living in Japan Blog Posts

5 Reasons Why the JET Program is Worse Than Prison

My Japanese Onsen Experience – A Stalker in the Onsen

Fish Sperm in Japan – I Just Ate What!?

Chinese Century Eggs – The Worst Thing I Ate in Japan…So Far

9 Cultural Mistakes Foreigners Make in Japan and What To Do Instead

The Pros and Cons of Living in Japan as a Foreigner

The 10 Best Japanese Shows on Netflix

10 Things You’ll Miss When You Leave Japan

How to Celebrate Christmas in Japan

Temples, Soba, and Bags, Oh My! Celebrating New Year’s in Japan

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