Red cloth hanging from a Japanese style door-front that says the title of this article, "Namba Oriental Hotel Review."

Namba Oriental Hotel Review

Can’t get enough of Namba’s electric atmosphere? Stay there in comfort at the Namba Oriental Hotel, a mid-range hotel positioned right in the heart of Namba’s shopping, dining, and entertainment area. Though mere minutes away from both Namba Station, a busy transportation hub, and Dotonbori, one of Osaka’s highlights, the hotel retains a peaceful ambiance. … Read more

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Intercontinental Hotel Osaka: The Height of Luxury

The Intercontinental Hotel Osaka has everything: all of the luxury and amenities you’d expect from an up-to-date, five-star hotel, combined with Japan’s first-class customer service and attention to detail. Add in three restaurants, a bar, a bakery, breathtaking views over Osaka, and a fantastic location with shopping, dining, and entertainment within easy reach, and it’s … Read more

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Kyoto Century Hotel Review

Despite being only a 2-minute walk from Kyoto Station, the city’s train and bus hub, Kyoto Century Hotel offers guests the chance to relax and escape the bustle and relax in tranquil and peaceful surroundings. Given that the hotel is currently undergoing construction work during the daytime, these claims are somewhat in doubt, at least … Read more

A shot of the many buildings in a busy city at night, with the lights in the buildings lit up.

How to Find an Apartment in Japan

Looking for an apartment in Japan? Be prepared for a long and complicated process involving tons of paperwork. And, you’ll need quite a bit of money, too. Even for Japanese people, moving is frustrating.The upfront costs are incredibly high and come with strange, outdated fees like “key money”. But, if you’re a foreigner in Japan … Read more

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The 6 Best Places to Stay in Akihabara: Minutes Away from the Station

Famous for both its abundance of electronics shops and for being the anime/manga center of Tokyo, Akihabara is a vibrant, wonderfully geeky district. There are tons of shops, selling the latest cutting-edge electronics and anime/manga, along with collectibles, games, toys, etc. And there are also some very unusual cafes, like maid cafes – where women dress … Read more

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Tokyo Olympics 2020 Hotels – The Best Places to Stay

7 Best (And Closest) Hotels for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Where will you be for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics? If you’re lucky enough to be in Tokyo, expect exciting things – sport climbing, surfing, skateboarding, and karate will be making their Olympic debut. Baseball and softball will return to the games, after being dropped from … Read more

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K’s House Kyoto Review

K’s House Kyoto:  Is It Worth It? No wonder K’s House Kyoto is so popular! Since 2003, the hostel has been winning fans for its combination of modern design, affordable accommodation, and amenities for travelers. Billing itself as reasonably priced New Zealand style accommodation, K’s House was designed as a hostel from the start, giving … Read more

A Zen type of sand garden with stone pillars in it, and beatifully raked sand. The text in the image reads, "J-Hoppers Kyoto Review"

J-Hoppers Kyoto Review: Is it Worth It?

Aimed at catering for backpackers, J-Hoppers Kyoto Guesthouse is a budget hostel located within walking distance of Kyoto Station. Opened by a trans-continental motorcyclist in 2002, J-Hoppers Kyoto now has 15 years of experience dealing with foreign travelers. If you’re apprehensive about staying in a hostel, J-Hoppers is a great place to start. To Check … Read more

People waiting at a crosswalk in Shinjuku. There are many tall buildlings in front of them.

The Best Cheap Hotels in Shinjuku

Shinjuku has gone through many changes in recent years, but the district is still a nightlife hotspot, home to a plethora of bars, izakaya and entertainment options. If you want to take full advantage of Shinjuku’s nightlife opportunities but don’t want the hassle of getting across Tokyo afterwards (Tokyo’s public transport system shuts down at … Read more