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With it’s location so near to Kyoto Station, you can’t get any more convenient that this. The type of room you get will determine how luxurious your stay will be. The service and facilities were great…I never noticed there wasn’t a swimming pool/gym. I really enjoyed the old-school atmosphere of this hotel.

Despite being only a 2-minute walk from Kyoto Station, the city’s train and bus hub, Kyoto Century Hotel offers guests the chance to relax and escape the bustle and relax in tranquil and peaceful surroundings.

Given that the hotel is currently undergoing construction work during the daytime, these claims are somewhat in doubt, at least until the partial renovation is complete in November 2018.

Until then, the hotel’s excellent location, fresh feeling rooms, helpful staff and top restaurants more than make up for any slight inconvenience. After all, you’re not in Kyoto to hang out in a hotel!

To help you make the most out of your time in Kyoto, the hotel provides all guests with Handy, a smartphone that guests can take with them when they leave the hotel, allowing you to use the map functions, look up transport options and even make phone calls, so you can explore Kyoto with confidence.

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Kyoto Century offers timeless elegance at the center of downtown Kyoto. Its mix of luxury and convenience makes it an ideal base from which to explore Kyoto.

The reception is open 24/7, and the friendly staff is willing to assist with any travel concerns. Although the hotel doesn’t have a swimming pool or gym, the facilities they provide are top-notch.

The hotel’s restaurants have an excellent reputation, and a boutique selection of desserts are available in the lobby. The rooms are outfitted with both comfort and style in mind. The hotel was extensively renovated in 2012, with the result that the rooms feel fresh and comfortable.

Pros vs Cons


  • Extremely convenient to transportation (Kyoto Station)
  • Handy allows every guest to navigate Kyoto with ease
  • Beautiful rooms
  • High-quality toiletries
  • 24/7 Reception
  • Delicious breakfast buffet


  • Rooms can be expensive
  • No single rooms (Twin rooms or larger rooms only)
  • Traffic noise can sometimes be heard
  • Rooms small by Western standards
  • Lack of storage/hanging space for clothing


Kyoto Century Hotel Kyoto Station

Kyoto Century Hotel is located on the Karasuma/North side of Kyoto Station, right next to the Station.

This makes it an incredibly convenient choice for anyone using the JR trains, Shinkansen, Kyoto city buses or subway.

Kyoto Station includes an incredible range of cafes, restaurants and shopping. The city’s numerous public transport options make it easy to get from Kyoto Century Hotel to Kyoto’s major attractions. Unfortunately, if you’re planning to travel by car, the hotel won’t have any parking until the renovations finish in November 2018.

How to Get ThereKyoto Century Hotel How to Get There

From Kyoto Station (if arriving by JR Train, Kintetsu or Shinkansen)

Get off your train and follow the signs towards the JR Kyoto Station Central Exit. Once you leave pass through the ticket gates, head out of the station and turn to your right. You should see a building next to the station with a redbrick facade.

This is the Kyoto Century Hotel.

From Kyoto Station (if arriving by Highway Bus)

Take the underground walkway to the other side of the station. Walk East past the buses and taxi stand to the redbrick building beside Kyoto Station.

From Kansai International Airport

You have two options.


Take the JR Kansai International Airport Express Haruka to Kyoto Station. Follow the directions above for arriving by JR train.


Take the Limousine Bus to Kyoto Station, getting off at the Hachijyoguchi bus stop. Follow the directions above for arriving by highway bus.

From Osaka International Itami Airport

Take the Limousine Bus to Kyoto Station, getting off at the Hachijyoguchi bus stop. Follow the directions above for arriving by highway bus.

Things to See Around the HotelKyoto Century Hotel Kyoto Tower

The closest Kyoto landmark is Kyoto Tower, which offers a view over Kyoto from the viewing platform at the top.

Kiyomizudera is half an hour away by bus (and a short walk), or a 13-minute taxi-ride (taxi stand right in front of the hotel).

Gion is 15 minutes by bus or 12 minutes by taxi.

Kinkakuji is 45 minutes by subway, bus and walking or half an hour by taxi.


Kyoto Century Hotel offers a variety of rooms designed with the needs of different types of customers in mind, including twin, double, and family rooms for travelers intending to explore Kyoto. Although the hotel website states they have single rooms intended for business travelers, there is no information about these rooms on their website.


The hotel proudly announces that Simmons Bedding Company, known internationally for their quality mattresses, outfits all its beds.

Comfort Rooms

The comfort rooms (standard twin, superior twin/double, deluxe twin) are Kyoto Century’s cheapest rooms.

Despite being small, the standard twin rooms (18 square meters in size), are outfitted with the same care and attention as Kyoto Century’s other rooms.

The deluxe twin is 30 square meters and has a sofa which can be converted into a bed for a third guest. All rooms are non-smoking.

Grand Comfort Rooms

The grand comfort rooms (standard double, superior twin/double, deluxe twin double and executive double) offer an upgrade in style.

While the rooms are equivalent in size to the comfort rooms, the beds are slightly bigger. The rooms are furnished elegantly, with antique lamps, padded headboards, organic drip coffee and a comfortable padded armchair. The bathrooms are equipped with organic Imabari cotton towels. All rooms are non-smoking.

Deluxe Family Room

The deluxe family room has three single beds and a sofa bed that can convert into a bed for a maximum of four guests. It is 54 meters squared, and includes a living room space and a table with seats for four to gather. It has a separate toilet and shower.

Kyo Premium Room

The Kyo Premium room is a modern homage to Kyoto’s traditions. The two twin beds and chairs are set low to the ground, and tatami matting is incorporated into the room design. The cupboards are reminiscent of the shelving seen in traditional style houses, and the bathroom is designed to be reminiscent of a garden street.

Suite Rooms

All of Kyoto Century’s suites are designed for two people, and feature luxurious furnishings, incredible attention to detail, and space to relax in and dine in your hotel room. In the two Garden Suite rooms, you can enjoy an intimate view of Kyoto Century’s traditional Japanese garden.

Modern Suite Rooms

The Modern Suite Rooms are 59 square meters. They highlight their marble flooring with a monochrome color scheme, offset by carefully curated furnishings in yellow. There is a dining table, L-shaped sofa, and two generously sized beds.

Garden Suite Rooms

The Garden Suite and Junior Garden Suite are both one of a kind rooms.

The Garden Suite is Kyoto Century’s most luxurious suite. The 79 square meter room includes a mini-kitchen space, separate dining room with beautiful artwork on the walls, a comfortable sofa, and stunning bathroom.

The Garden Junior Suite is smaller, similar to the Grand Comfort room, but with the addition of unique furnishings and beautiful garden views.

All rooms contain a refrigerator and kettle, TV with access to CNN, free Wi-Fi, and toiletries, as well as “Handy,” Kyoto Century’s smartphone service for guests.

Things to Rent

While the rooms are very well equipped, there are a number of items available for rent from the front desk. These include ironing boards, trouser presses, buckwheat stuffed pillows, extra blankets, desk lamps, DVD players, playing cards, shogi and chess sets, cribs (free for children under six), child-sized yukata, and a more varied range of toiletries (nail clippers, male grooming sets, etc).


I’ve had trouble using the  reservation system on the hotel website.  It sometimes  doesn’t show any available rooms even when they are available. usually has the best prices, but Agoda is great too.  I would check all those sites to see which has the best price at the time you go.  Prices are listed with or without the breakfast plan.

Approximate Prices

Comfort Rooms

  • Comfort Room Standard Twin: 30,000/31,500 yen
  • Comfort Room Superior Twin: 41,000/42,000 yen
  • Comfort Room Superior Double: 31,500/32,550 yen
  • Comfort Room Deluxe Twin: 46,500/47,500 yen

Grand Comfort Rooms

  • Grand Comfort Room Standard Double: 34,000/35,500 yen
  • Grand Comfort Room Superior Twin: 40,000/42,000 yen
  • Grand Comfort Room Superior Double: 41,000/42,500 yen
  • Grand Comfort Room Deluxe Twin: 47,000/48,500 yen
  • Grand Comfort Executive Double: 53,000/53,000 yen
  • Grand Comfort Corner Deluxe Double: 55,400/56,400 yen

Kyo Premium Room

  • Kyo Premium Room: 55,300/58,300 yen

Suite Rooms

  • Garden Junior Suite: 100,100/102,630 yen
  • Modern Suite: 107,000/108,000 yen
  • Garden Suite: 136,000/138,300 yen

Hotel Facilities

Hotel Restaurants

Hotel Century takes pride in their restaurants, which are often cited as a highlight by the hotel guests. In particular, the breakfast and dinner buffet are known to be of excellent quality.

**The restaurants hosting the breakfast buffet may be undergoing renovation. This might move the breakfast buffet to the ballroom and have menu changes. This also means that guests may find themselves sharing tables with other guests.

When large groups are visiting the hotel, they try to stagger their entry to breakfast by assigning them set times to have breakfast, but some groups maybe choose to ignore these times, and you may find yourself with a long wait for your breakfast.

Once the renovations are complete, it is expected that the hotel will bring back their Japanese-style buffet breakfast too.

The four restaurants include Casane, combining French cuisine with Kyoto refinement, La Jyho, which is a French-style buffet restaurant that also serves morning and afternoon tea, as well as offering an a la carte menu.

Despite the French name, Bonheur is a teppanyaki grill that specializes in meat dishes made before your eyes.

Rantei covers all styles of Japanese food, from bento boxes (Japanese style lunch boxes) to a la carte sushi or a full kaiseki meal. They have private rooms available for entertaining important guests or events.

The Essex bar is a comfortable place to end your day, with counter or table seats available in which to enjoy a drink or two.

Joie Joue offers boutique pastries and desserts right in the hotel lobby.

Room service is also available.

Halal food is available upon request.

Banquet Rooms

For bigger events or business meetings, Kyoto Century Hotel has a total of seven banquet rooms of varying sizes, all of which can be rented. To make your event complete, the hotel can also supply AV equipment, projectors and screens, karaoke machines and photocopiers.

Access for Guests With Disabilities

Although Kyoto Century Hotel doesn’t specifically cater for guests with disabilities, stories of the excellent support guests received from staff members following accident or illness suggest the hotel is able to cater for guests with special needs.

Staff have supplies wheelchairs for injured guests, and called the hospital to arrange an English-speaker to meet the guest and help them check in and see a doctor.

Insider’s Tip

If you’ve tried to book a non-smoking room, but none were available when you made your booking, let the staff know. Before you arrive, they will give your room an intense deodorizing clean.

The rooms on the seventh and eighth floor are due for an update. If you can, request to stay on a different floor. If you need a strong Wi-Fi connection, then request a room near the router, as the coverage is uneven throughout the hotel.

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