A panoramic shot of Kyoto City, filled with buildings all around.

Kyoto Century Hotel Review

Despite being only a 2-minute walk from Kyoto Station, the city’s train and bus hub, Kyoto Century Hotel offers guests the chance to relax and escape the bustle and relax in tranquil and peaceful surroundings. Given that the hotel is currently undergoing construction work during the daytime, these claims are somewhat in doubt, at least … Read more

A close up of red and yellow maple leaves on a branch. The text on this images read, "K's House Kyoto Review"

K’s House Kyoto Review

K’s House Kyoto:  Is It Worth It? No wonder K’s House Kyoto is so popular! Since 2003, the hostel has been winning fans for its combination of modern design, affordable accommodation, and amenities for travelers. Billing itself as reasonably priced New Zealand style accommodation, K’s House was designed as a hostel from the start, giving … Read more

A Zen type of sand garden with stone pillars in it, and beatifully raked sand. The text in the image reads, "J-Hoppers Kyoto Review"

J-Hoppers Kyoto Review: Is it Worth It?

Aimed at catering for backpackers, J-Hoppers Kyoto Guesthouse is a budget hostel located within walking distance of Kyoto Station. Opened by a trans-continental motorcyclist in 2002, J-Hoppers Kyoto now has 15 years of experience dealing with foreign travelers. If you’re apprehensive about staying in a hostel, J-Hoppers is a great place to start. To Check … Read more

Kinkakuji The Golden Pavilion in Kyoto - Shot from afar with the pond and trees surrounding it.

Kinkakuji: Tourist Trap or Treasure?

The key to enjoying Kinkakuji (aka The Golden Pavilion) is to get there early and adjust your expectations. Is Kinkakuji Worth Visiting? Out of all sights to see in Kyoto, the glittering walls of Kinkakuji evokes the greatest expectations—and unfortunately, often leads to the greatest disappointments. Kinkakuji was not intended to be a temple. The … Read more

Torii Gates at Fushimi Inari Shrine. Two women dressed in traditional Japanese clothes can be seen walking through it side-by-side.

Fushimi Inari Shrine

You’ve probably seen photos of Fushimi Inari Shrine (Taisha) without knowing it. The iconic photo of the many red torii (traditional Japanese gates) forming one continuous tunnel was taken here. You’ll have no difficulty locating the exact spot. Rows of tourists can be seen, cameras in hand, as they wait for the crowds to pass … Read more

Kiyomizudera Temple at Dusk, with people on the veranda.

Kiyomizudera Temple: Kyoto’s Finest Temple

Photos of Kiyomizudera always show the temple’s signature wooden verandah, constructed in the Edo period, framed by sakura or maple leaves—the temple is incredibly popular in spring and autumn. A temple this size is rarely seen outside of Tokyo and Osaka. Kiyomizudera’s many corners conceal hidden surprises. Atmosphere Despite its status as one of Kyoto’s … Read more

Ginkaku-ji The Silver Pavilion in Kyoto surrounded by trees and pond.

Ginkaku-Ji: The “Silver” Pavilion

Ginkaku-ji (Silver Pavillion) is often associated with the similarly named Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavilion). Kin means gold, and gin means silver. Like Kinkaku-ji, Ginkaku-ji was first the retirement villa of a shogun, later converted into a Buddhist temple. Both have the focus of a beautiful pavilion beside a pond. The similarities stop there. Ginkaku-Ji:  Silver Doesn’t … Read more

Three Geisha Walking Down the Street in Gion, Kyoto.

Gion: Where Geisha, Elegance, and Old Japan Meet

Gion: Much More than Geisha Unlike Nijo Castle and Ginkakuji, the beautiful Gion district in Kyoto’s Southern Higashiyama doesn’t suffer from having a more famous counterpart. Instead, it’s misunderstood. Is It Worth Visiting? A visit to Gion in Kyoto is something you need to do while you’re in Japan.  While there are crowds of tourists, … Read more