A close-up of Pocky style snack sticks of different colors (black, pink, and green) in a pile on top of a grey surface.

The 10 Best Japanese Snacks You’ll Want to Try

The world of Japanese snacks is colorful and playful… and sometimes quite bizarre.  Snacks can come and go in the blink of an eye.  It’s not uncommon for Japanese snacks to disappear from existence forever – and sometimes after a very short stint. You probably wonder why. It’s partly because the Japanese obsess over seasonality. … Read more

In the background, a metal teapot and candles are on a wooden mat that has a cloth with flower patterns on it drapped across part of it. In the foreground are two black cups; one filled with green tea (left) and the other filled with green tea powder (right).

The Complete Guide to Japanese Tea

From traditional tea ceremonies that artfully prepare matcha to the palate cleansing konacha served at sushi restaurants, tea is an essential part of Japanese culture and cuisine. With dozens of different types, there’s a Japanese tea for everyone. Japanese tea tastes great. It gives you a whole slew of health benefits. There’s no reason not … Read more

A white ramen spoon is resting on a black tabletop filled with soy sauce. Grains of rice are scattered around it.

The 10 Best Japanese Seasonings

Despite my Japanese heritage, I’ve always shied away from cooking Japanese food. The subtle, complex flavors intimidated me. Creating the right taste seemed impossible. But it’s not that difficult at all. I began to enjoy cooking once I found the key to making Japanese food taste great. Would you like to know the secret? You’ll … Read more

A grayish rice bowl with white stripes is filled with steaming hot rice. A pair of brown chopsticks is holding a little bit of rice over this bowl.

How to Cook Japanese Rice

The secret to cooking Japanese rice is all in the prep. If you want delicious, fluffy rice, follow these steps to prepare and cook your rice. It will take a little bit of time and effort to prepare, but you’ll be treated to a perfectly cooked bowl of amazing rice. This guide will cover all … Read more

A plate of curry and rice, with vegetables (yellow bell pepper, eggplant, mushrooms, etc.).

How to Make Japanese Curry at Home

When you think of Japanese cuisine, images of sushi, sashimi, ramen noodles and tempura probably come to mind.  However, you might be surprised to learn that another popular and famous food here is curry. The taste of Japanese curry is usually sweeter than the more heavily spiced Indian or Nepalese curries.  It also differs from … Read more

6 pieces of nigiri Sushi displayed in a line. (Fish, imitation crab, cucumber, salmon, shrimp, and unagi sushi).

The Best Sushi in Japan

The Best Sushi in the World…Is Not Where You Think It Is If you have seen the documentary, “Jiro Dreams of Sushi,” then you already know that he has the best sushi in the world.  Sukiyabashi, Jiro’s Michelin three-star restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo is where you’ll find him preparing his world famous sushi. I unfortunately … Read more

A display of various types of seafood in Styrofoam containers at a Japanese market.

10 Weird Japanese Foods You Should Try

1.  Natto (Fermented Soybeans) This lovely treat made from fermented soybeans is packed full of nutrients…if you can get past its slimy, mucous-like coating. It also has a very distinct smell that screams, “I’m rotten!  Don’t eat me!” That being said, it is a popular food, especially in the Kanto region of Japan.  It can … Read more