A dark background with smoke and a director's "cut" take board with two rolls of film on the ground. The text reads,"The 20 Best Japanese Movies of All Time"

20 of the Best Japanese Movies of All Time

  Japan, a forerunner in world cinema, has one of the most acclaimed film industries in the world. Their contribution to world cinema has not gone unnoticed with Japan winning—not once, but four times—the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film (the record high for any Asian nation). This list will chronicle some of the … Read more

A tall pagoda surrounded by green trees, with a waterfall in the background.

The Complete Japan Travel Guide

Whether you visit Japan for a short stay or a long vacation, this complete Japan travel guide will help you to prepare. Japan’s customs, culture, and weather is probably completely different from your home country. In fact, it’s probably different from any other country in the world. Don’t be put off – it may take … Read more

Small Japanese style cat figurines on a wooden surface.

Top 10 Unique Museums in Japan: You’ve Never Seen Anything Like This

Japan is well known for putting its own unique spin on things. Their museums are no different.  You’ll find hundreds of museums in Japan. They cover everything from anime characters to buttons to parasites. Forget the National Science Museum or the Museum of Modern Art. Make tracks for our top ten quirky Japanese museums you … Read more

Amazing Animal Islands in Japan - Zao Fox Village A Cute Fox with its eyes closed looks as if it is smiling.

4 Amazing Animal Islands in Japan

Surrounded by Cats, Bunnies, and Foxes:  A Taste of Cute Animal Islands in Japan Japan’s animal attractions can be a hit or miss. Many zoos or animal-themed parks can be depressing to foreign visitors, featuring small cages and apathetic animals. Animals at many pet-cafes quickly become bored of the attention they receive from customers and … Read more