A close-up of a man’s hands holding a sharp gyuto style knife, sharpening it on a whetstone. There is another whetstone displayed in the background.

The 5 Best Japanese Whetstones and Buying Guide

President Abraham Lincoln once said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” Japanese whetstones, called toishi (砥石), are highly regarded by both amateurs and professionals worldwide. Check out this guide to learn how to choose the best stone for you and how to … Read more

Hi Tech Japanese Style Toilet with a panel of buttons on the side.

The Best Japanese Toilets

  I always thought all toilets were pretty much the same.  That is, until I lived in Japan. The hi-tech toilets I found in Japan were completely different from I was used to.  Not only are Japanese toilets more comfortable and clean, but they offer a lot of different functions to make your life much … Read more

A close-up of Pocky style snack sticks of different colors (black, pink, and green) in a pile on top of a grey surface.

The 10 Best Japanese Snacks You’ll Want to Try

The world of Japanese snacks is colorful and playful… and sometimes quite bizarre.  Snacks can come and go in the blink of an eye.  It’s not uncommon for Japanese snacks to disappear from existence forever – and sometimes after a very short stint. You probably wonder why. It’s partly because the Japanese obsess over seasonality. … Read more

In the background, a metal teapot and candles are on a wooden mat that has a cloth with flower patterns on it drapped across part of it. In the foreground are two black cups; one filled with green tea (left) and the other filled with green tea powder (right).

The Complete Guide to Japanese Tea

From traditional tea ceremonies that artfully prepare matcha to the palate cleansing konacha served at sushi restaurants, tea is an essential part of Japanese culture and cuisine. With dozens of different types, there’s a Japanese tea for everyone. Japanese tea tastes great. It gives you a whole slew of health benefits. There’s no reason not … Read more

A white ramen spoon is resting on a black tabletop filled with soy sauce. Grains of rice are scattered around it.

The 10 Best Japanese Seasonings

Despite my Japanese heritage, I’ve always shied away from cooking Japanese food. The subtle, complex flavors intimidated me. Creating the right taste seemed impossible. But it’s not that difficult at all. I began to enjoy cooking once I found the key to making Japanese food taste great. Would you like to know the secret? You’ll … Read more