The 53 Best Japanese Gifts For Any Occasion

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Here is a list of cool Japanese gift ideas for people who love Japan. I included a lot of different types of items to make sure there is something for everyone. You’ll find unique, beautiful, and delicious gifts that will surely make anyone who loves Japanese smile.

Cool Japanese Gifts: For People Who Have Everything

Here are some great presents to get for people who love Japan but already have it all.

1. Custom 100% Handmade Japanese Style Name Stamp 

Japanese name stamps and their impressions on paper.  One is a block shape, the other a circle, and the other one a cat face shape.

If you have ever been to Japan, you may have noticed people using name stamps called “hanko.” These are often used as official name seals, and people use them to “sign” their name on important documents.  

Riyo, from Yamaguchi, Japan, makes a cute version of these name stamps. He makes carves each stamp by hand and customizes it with your name in Japanese. He makes several designs, ranging from a simple circle or square to a cute cat-shaped stamp.  

This is a very unique gift that will be sure to impress anyone who loves Japan.

2. Secret Japanese Puzzle Boxes

A traditional Japanese Yosegi design puzzle box that is open so you can see inside.

These cool puzzle boxes are made with a traditional style, called “yosegi-zaiku.” It is beautifully and intricately constructed by OKA CRAFT in Japan. The man behind this company is Hiroyuki Oka, who has been creating these boxes for over 20 years. Each box is made in his workshop and sent directly to you.  

These boxes have a special way to open them. You’ll use the sliding panels and slide keys to unlock its secrets (14 steps for this smaller box). He offers several box sizes, so if you need something bigger with drawers, this bigger model might be what you want (opens with 10 steps).

3. Sake Gift Sets

A woman's hand is seen pouring sake out of a green Japanese style container into a cup, with another cup next to it.

Sake, or Japanese rice wine, is both elegant and delicious. I’ve tried many different types of sake in Japan, and I’m always impressed by how smooth they are. Drinking some types of sake warm can even deepen its flavors.  

There are so many brands of sake from Japan that it is difficult to choose just one. So why not try several? The folks at Tippsy Sake have meticulously selected several bottles of excellent sake made in different regions in Japan. You’ll get to taste the differences between each brand and have fun choosing your favorite.

They also include a handy beginners guide that will teach you more about the sake (the brewing process, its history, temperature to serve it at, and more).  

You can either buy one box or sign up for a subscription to receive a box every season (usually March, June, September, and December).

4. Omamori: Japanese Amulets for Protection & Luck

A Japanese amulet, or omikuji inside of a wood looking box that has an image and Japanese writing on it.

Omamorl are small Japanese amulets that people keep for good luck or protection. There are specific types of amulets for the kind of luck/protection you want to bring into your life or “multi-protection” types. This amazing amulet comes from Hōryū-Ji Temple in Nara. This temple is a World Heritage Site and has the world’s oldest wooden structures (at least 1,300 years old!).  

This omamori offers 7 different types of protection/luck (success in your studies, higher education, marriage, job, safe childbirth, good health, and protection against evil). You can even purchase a personalized box for your omamori, which looks incredible. 

5. Sushi Making Kit

Sushi is one of the most popular Japanese foods in the world. It’s tasty, healthy, and fun to eat. The only drawback is that it is EXPENSIVE. I eat a lot, so going to a sushi restaurant is a huge event for me. If you’re a sushi lover like me but don’t want to spend the big bucks to get your fill, a sushi-making kit is the answer.  

This kit is awesome because it has everything you need to make every type of sushi you’ll find at a Japanese restaurant. There’s a rice bazooka to make sushi rolls and molds to make temaki (hand rolls), nigiri, and gunkan style of sushi. Not only will your sushi look like it came from a restaurant, but it’s fun to make too.  

6. Japan Themed T-Shirts

Two young women and a young man with their arms around each other in a friendly way. They are wearing different types of Japanese themed T-shirts (black Japanese food t-shirt, a cute panda character t-shirt, and an anime character t-shirt).

If you’re struggling to find that perfect gift for someone, a unique T-shirt never fails to make someone happy. Here at The True Japan, we created unique designs for Japan lovers. We have anime & manga-themed shirts, Japanese food shirts, and even funny Japanese language shirts.  

Check out all of our designs here: The True Japan Merch Page

7. Custom Anime Illustration

A custom drawn anime style illustration created by Hanaart gallery. It is anime anime girl with long purplish hair in a colorful dress.

If you’re looking for a unique and cute gift, getting a custom anime-style illustration will be sure to impress. All you need to do is send a picture of the person you want to have drawn.

While there are many artists that draw anime, Hana, from Hana Art Gallery based in Japan, creates incredible works of art. Keep in mind that she creates digital works of art. 

If you’re looking for ultra-realistic, hand-drawn custom portraits, check out the graphic pencil artwork of Rina Art Gallery.

8. Matcha Kit

Attention, matcha green tea lovers! This kit from Kyoto, Japan, has everything you need to make a fantastic cup of traditional green tea. The tea in this set is ceremonial-grade, first harvest matcha from Uji (known as “the” place for green tea in Japan).  

Not only is the tea of the highest quality, but it also comes with a stainless steel scoop and matcha strainer and a bamboo tea whisk. All of this is beautifully packaged, which makes it easy to give as a gift.  

9. Personalized Name in Kanji Art Calligraphy

Gold ink calligraphy (kanji) written on a blue paper. There is English that says "Mia" on it.

Personalized items always make a great present. Haruka, the artist behind these artistic takes on kanji (Japanese characters), will turn a name or your favorite word into Japanese. She then will write it in exquisite kanji characters.

You can choose what color of ink and paper you want her to use and have the option to purchase a frame for your personalized kanji.

10. Magic Ice Cream Spoon

Do you love ice cream? Have you ever taken out a carton of ice cream from your freezer, only to find that it’s too hard to scoop? Well, this magic spoon is your answer. It conducts the heat from your hand, making the ice cream easier to scoop.  

These spoons are made in Tsubame, a town in Japan famous for their tableware and cutlery. I have a couple of these spoons, and I love them. I use them to eat those single serving size cups of Häagen-Dazs ice cream. Keep in mind that these spoons are small. You can’t scoop huge bites of ice cream at one time. On the bright side, you probably won’t get any brain freezes!

11. Samurai Helmet

A metal Japanese samurai looking helmet resting on a red and gold cushion.

This samurai helmet from Japan is made of iron and looks like it came out of a Japanese history book. It is a work of art and would look amazing as a display in your home or office.  

While it weighs in at a sturdy 7lbs, it is not meant to be worn (sorry, samurais in training!). This is intended to be a keepsake for years to come.  

12. Japanese Watches

If you’re looking for something a bit more luxurious and impressive, a nice watch is a fantastic gift. Japanese watches are known for their outstanding quality and elegant designs. This men’s Japanese watch would be a great gift for a guy who loves unique styles.

There are also budget-friendly options that still look and work great but won’t lighten your wallet.  

Women’s Watches

If you’re looking for a Japanese gift for her These women’s Japanese watches are crafted with precision and quality. What makes these watches stand out is their unique designs. This watch has an adorable heart design but also is very elegant.  There are also budget-friendly designs as well.

You can even get a special sakura (cherry blossom) design from Japan that looks amazing.

Gifts on a Budget

There gifts are perfect if you want to find a present that looks impressive without emptying your wallet.

13. Star Sand From Okinawa

Close-up of particles of sand, some of which are the star-shaped sand from Okinawa.

This is just too cute. Not only are these unique sand shapes adorable, but the story behind them is even cuter.  

Once a year, the elementary and junior high school students on Hatoma Island in Okinawa (currently 8 students total) collect, clean, dry, and sort these star-shaped sand making this a unique gift with a cute backstory.

14. Nakagawa-Masashichi Specialty Japanese Cloths

Different designs of Japanese dish clothes in their separate packaging next to each other in a 3x3 formation.

These fukin, otherwise known as dishcloths or tea towels, are made by Nakagawa-Masashichi, a shop that is over 300 years old. These cloths not only look great, but they are durable, absorbent, and dry quickly. They are also easy to wash and become softer with continued use.  

There are many designs you can choose from, but supplies are limited. You may have to wait until they get more items in stock (some items may not be available anymore, though).

15. Adorable Cat Strap

A small and cute Japanese lucky cat charm on a red strap.

This good lucky cat strap is petite, cute, and is said to be good luck. The cat’s size is 2cm (around 0.8 inches) and would be a good present for those who love to collect anything cute and Japanesy!

16. Japanese Erasable Pens

Japan’s stationery has become popular around the world. Japan makes some awesome pens, pencils, and erasers. These PILOT FRIXION pens are not only convenient to use, but are just so cool.  

These pens use a special type of thermo-sensitive ink that is erasable. Like a pencil, you use the end of the pen to erase any mistakes you make. The ink itself writes well and erases cleanly.  

I used these pens almost every day when I was working in Japan. There is a downside, though. You can’t use these pens to sign official documents in Japan…for obvious reasons!  

Take a look at our “Best Japanese Stationery” guide for more cool products. 

17. Maneki Neko Bank

This cute little Maneki Neko (beckoning cat to bring good luck) is sure to put a smile on someone’s face. It is also a great way to give someone a monetary gift. You can put some money into this cat bank and give it away as a present.

Traditional Japanese Gifts

Here are gift ideas that are from traditional Japanese culture and history.

18. Beautiful Chopsticks

Japan makes some of the best chopsticks in the world. These handcrafted wooden chopsticks almost look too beautiful to use. You could easily put them in a case and display them as art pieces.  

These two pairs of chopsticks would make the perfect gift for a couple or someone with an eye for beauty.

19. Cute Rabbit Matcha Tea Bowl

This matcha tea bowl’s shape and design looks both rustic and elegant. What makes this piece even more impressive is its origins.

It is Kutani-ware, which means it is made in the area of Kutani, in Ishikawa Prefecture. This area is famous for its high quality of products, and this tea bowl is no exception. You’ll feel like you’re drinking tea in Japan every time you take a sip out of this matcha bowl.


20. Furoshiki

Different colors (red, blue, black, purple) of furoshiki, or Japanese wrapping cloths laid on top of each other.

This set of two beautifully made furoshiki cloths are uniquely Japanese in both concept and design. Furoshiki, or Japanese wrapping cloths, were traditionally used to wrap items for protection or transport.

These days, furoshiki are commonly used to wrap and carry bento boxes. These gorgeously designed cloths are made in Kyoto and are made with 100% cotton (the sakura blue and sakura red-pink designs are made of 100% polyester).

21. Japanese Tea Cup Set

This teapot and teacup set radiates beautiful colors that are pleasing to the eye. This set makes for an exquisite gift and would be perfect for tea drinkers or anyone who loves Japanese designs.  

If you want a traditionally designed, luxury product made by Iwachu (one of the most respected manufacturers of Japanese ironware), this classic iron teapot is what you want. The design is simple, but feels like you transported back to the olden days of Japan.   

Cute Japanese Gifts

Japan is the land of cuteness, and these gifts reflect that. Anyone who loves cute Japanese things will absolutely love these items.

22. Kokeshi Doll

Kokeshi dolls were originally made as toys for children or as souvenirs in Japan’s Tohoku region. These dolls have a long history and are making a resurgence and becoming popular around the world.  

These dolls are hand-made in the Gunma prefecture of Japan and look delightful. No longer just toys, these dolls would be great for displaying as pieces of art. In fact, many people have a collection of these adorable dolls.

23. Personalized Japanese Name Necklace

Three necklaces with a Japanese name. One is finished in gold, one in silver, and the other in rose gold.

These necklaces are made to order in the United States, but the design of the Japanese characters looks great. Each necklace is nicely packaged after it’s made, so it’s ready to be given as a gift when you receive it.  

You can choose which type of finish you want for the necklace (gold, silver, or rose gold) and the length. You do have to put in the Japanese name that you want to have personalized, though.  

If you don’t know what someone’s name would be in Japanese, you could search online. There are even Japanese name generators online you can use. 

However, if you have a unique name, I wouldn’t trust these name generators. Consult a Japanese person to make sure you have the correct name. If this isn’t possible, there are programs and forums (Hi Native or Quora) where you can ask a question and get a good answer. If you’re really stuck, let me know, and I can try to help you come up with the correct name in Japanese.

24. Sakura Thermos

This sakura, or cherry blossom designed thermos is very cute! Its vacuum insulation will keep your hot drinks hot or your cold drinks cold. It can hold 0.35 liters of liquid, which is just under 12 fluid ounces. This thermos is made in Japan, and its quality is second to none. If you know someone who likes to take their drinks on the go, this thermos will make for a wonderful gift.  

25. Adorable Cat Plates

If you know someone who is a cat lover, or just a lover of anything cute, these sauce plates will bring a smile to their face.  

Not only are the cat designs on this plate adorable, but the quality is second to none. These plates are made in Mino, Japan, a place that is renowned for its pottery.  

Keep in mind that these are sauce plates with a diameter of 3.94 inches. This makes it the perfect size for dips, snacks, or sauces.  

If the person you are looking for is more of a dog lover, this Shiba Inu dog bowl would be a better option for them.

26. Mario, Studio Ghibli, or Godzilla Hanafuda Japanese Cards

Japanese Hanafuda cards designed with Mario characters.

Hanafuda (literally “flower cards”) are Japanese playing cards. I used to play with these cards all the time when I was a kid. They usually come designed with things from nature, like animals, plants, and the moon. However, you can now get some pretty cool designs.  

There are Mario-themed hanafuda (pictured above), Studio Ghibli, and even Godzilla-themed cards. The quality of the designs is second to none. Keep in mind that the instructions for playing the card game are written in Japanese.

27. Japanese Kimono

A full-body, pink kimono with silver trimmings at the bottom displayed on a mannequin.

Kimono is traditional Japanese clothing that evokes images of Geisha gracefully strolling down the street in Kyoto. It used to be difficult finding vintage kimono outside of Japan, but with there are some places now available where you can get a kimono shipped to you from Japan.

Engawa Japan is business in Hokkaido, Japan that has a wide selection of elegant and amazing kimono at very reasonable prices. They have everything from simple kimono designs, to luxurious patterns to choose from.  

28. Studio Ghibli Puzzles Totoro Puzzle / Howl’s Moving Castle

The front of a Totoro puzzle box. Totoro and other characters are seen sitting in a field.

Anime lovers rejoice! You can relive those wonderful memories of watching some of the most beloved anime from Studio Ghibli with these puzzles.

There are several puzzles to choose from. Howl’s Moving Castle (pictured above) looks great, but I’m personally a Totoro fan.

You can check out all of the available puzzles here: Studio Ghibli Puzzles

Japanese Kitchen Gifts

Whether you love cooking at home or just love delicious Japanese food, these gifts would make anyone happy.

29. Japanese Knives

Knives that are made in Japan are some of the best in the world by far. The quality and attention to detail make owning a Japanese knife essential for someone that loves to cook. The only problem is knowing which knife you should get. There are a few types of Japanese knives; each meant to be used for specific foods. Some of these knives can cost a small fortune too.  

The solution is getting a Gyuto, or “Japanese-style multi-purpose chef knife.” It should be a quality blade that doesn’t break that bank. Gyuto knives are virtually identical to western chef knives and can cut almost anything a home cook would prepare. While other specialized knives can do a better job at specific tasks, you could do nearly every cutting job with a Gyuto.

This Gyuto knife doesn’t just look amazing. The quality of the blade is excellent and is a great price for a knife made in Japan.  

If you think other knives would be better, check out our Japanese knife buying guide to help you find the right one.

30. Yoshihiro Japan Cutting Board

If you have a high-quality knife, a good cutting board can help preserve your blade. This soft Yoshihiro Japanese cutting board is an excellent gift for someone who is serious about cooking and has quality, high carbon steel knives.

This product was also designed to reduce the stress on your wrist. This cutting board is fit for restaurants and professionals but comes in various sizes so that you can find the perfect one to use at home.

31. Bento Box

Bento, or Japanese lunch boxes, have become quite popular lately. It’s easy to see why. The boxes are stylish, can hold a variety of food, and is easy to carry around.  

These stackable bento boxes from Japan are perfect for packing a daily lunch or even bringing on a picnic. The two bento boxes also come with a rice press, which makes your bento look professionally made. It also comes with a cute carrying bag to put it in.

32. Donabe Hot Pot

A donabe (earthenware pot) is probably something every Japanese family owns. You can use it to eat shabu-shabu or any type of hot pot that you want. If you have never eaten hot pot before, you NEED to stop reading this and eat some right now.  

Not only is it healthy (if you eat lots of veggies like me), but after you’re done cooking all of your wonderful meats and vegetables, you’re left with a broth infused with flavor. Most people add either rice (to make a rice porridge) or noodles to this broth. There is nothing better than a hot pot meal in winter, and this is the type of pot that makes it the best. I much prefer earthenware to metal pots. I feel like the earthenware pots heat up more evenly and result in a better product.

33. Sake Glass Set

Just looking at this glass sake carafe and cup set speaks for itself. It is the definition of beautiful. This set is meant for drinking sake cold.

This Japanese piece is the perfect gift if you’re looking for something classy and luxurious.

34. Induction Heating Rice Cooker

If you have never used a good Japanese rice cooker before, you need to try one. Not only is it quick and convenient, but a quality induction cooker will also make your rice better.

This model by Zojirushi is a perfect balance between quality and price. It is easy to use and will make your rice come out perfect each time. You can also use it to make other foods too (I like making slow-braised pork belly in mine).

35. Iwatani ABURI Grill Plate

If you love BBQ but hate the hassle of firing up a huge gas or charcoal grill, this Iwatani grill plate fits the bill. It uses a gas canister that you insert into the unit, so there are no gas lines or anything to get in the way.  

This grill works perfectly for yakiniku at home. I have a similar Iwatani grill at home, and it grills things beautifully. At first, I thought the flame was a little weak, but it is perfect for grilling meats without charring them in seconds. It works wonders if you ever want to have Japanese treats like grilled mochi (rice cakes) or yakitori. However, while many people use this inside of their homes (I do), it does create smoke if you grill fatty cuts of meat. Lean cuts of pork or beef work well indoors, but when I cook things like chicken thighs, there’s quite a bit of smoke. But it cooks things very well. It is my go-to tool to cook steaks, pork, and chicken.

36. Mino-Ware Ramen Bowl

I’m a simple eater. All I need is one good bowl and a pair of chopsticks, and I can eat anything. This beautiful bowl is great for ramen, but I have a feeling you will be using it for a lot more than that.  

These bowls are Mino-ware (or Minoyaki in Japanese), a famous type of Japanese pottery made in the Mino Province. Mino ware is known for its quality and its unique pieces. These gorgeous bowls would make a great addition to someone’s kitchen.  

37. Sushi Oke

A sushi oke, aka hangiri, is a wooden container made of cypress and is used for making sushi. A genuine, high-quality sushi oke comes at a price, but they are exquisite and made to last a very long time. You need to care for it (season it before use and clean it well after each use), but it is made to last.  

Why even use a sushi oke, you ask? The design allows you to spread out the rice, which helps to cool it down quickly. The wood helps to absorb extra moisture as you put your sushi seasoning on and mix the rice. This results in sushi rice with a better texture and sheen. If you go to a proper sushi bar in Japan, you’ll see the chefs using sushi oke like this for sure.  

38. Tempura Deep Frying Pot

Just like ramen and sushi, tempura is a Japanese dish that is loved around the world. It takes a lot of skill to make tempura with just the right amount of crispy batter while the inside is cooked to perfection.

This pot is designed for deep-frying and is excellent for making tempura. It is made of iron and also comes with a lid/rack that you can use to put your freshly fried food on. Any excess oil will go back into the pot. Tip: Try not to put your freshly fried tempura on paper towels. A rack like this works much better to retain crispness.  

39. Japanese Hot Water Boiler and Warmer

If you know someone who makes a lot of tea, instant coffee, or even baby formula, this water boiler & warmer from Japan will make their lives much easier. It works wonders if you also eat a lot of instant ramen.  

This device will heat up and maintain the temperature of your water, so you’ll always have hot water ready to go. There are 4 temperature settings you can keep your water at. Each setting is at the perfect temperature for the type of tea/food you are making. For example, the 160°F setting is great for high-quality green teas, while the hottest setting of 208°F (around 98°C) is for black teas, pour-over style of coffee, and instant ramen.  

40. YAMAZAKI Home 2249 Tower Ladle Holder

This kitchen product was designed in Japan, and anyone who cooks often will love it. Anyone who cooks knows that it’s a pain to find a place to put a hot lid or a used ladle. That’s where this stand comes in. It can hold everything from chopsticks to spoons to pot lids. It even doubles as a book or tablet stand to follow recipes while in your kitchen.  

It is well made and extremely convenient. It will be your new best friend in the kitchen!

Japanese Food Gifts: Delicious Treats

It’s food! Who doesn’t like yummy food? These are some of the best Japanese food and seasoning gifts you can get outside of Japan.

41. Japanese Snack Sets

It’s awesome to see that you can order a lot of Japanese snacks online these days. While many places offer snack sets, this dagashi set is one of the best. It contains 32 pieces of individually wrapped snacks from all over Japan.  

This company can change the types of snacks they put in the sets depending on the season. This mystery of not knowing what you’ll get is all part of the fun. Try them all to see which ones are the best. And besides, who wouldn’t like to get a bunch of snacks as a present?

42. Shiroi Koibito

I have tried hundreds of different sweets, snacks, and candy while living in Japan. Shiroi Koibito cookies are one of my all-time favorites. What is a Shiroi Koibito, you ask?

It’s a piece of luscious white chocolate sandwiched between two succulent cookies (they are called biscuits in Japan, but I still think they are cookies). When you bite into these little treats, the cookies crumble and melt in your mouth. You’re then treated to that smooth and creamy white chocolate. Yes, it’s divine. And yes, I want some right now.  

Each piece comes individually wrapped in a box, which makes it perfect for giving as a gift. The milk chocolate flavor is good too, but I’m a fan of the white chocolate.  Try them both to see which one will be your favorite!

43. Kishibori Shoyu

Just like wine, shoyu (aka soy sauce) can become better with age. This Kishibori Shoyu is just like a fine wine, aged for one year in 100-year-old cedar barrels. This shoyu is made with pride on Shodoshima, a small island in the Seto Inland Sea in Japan.

It uses high-quality soybeans and dried sea salt, and is not treated with any alcohol, preservatives, or additives. What you’re getting is the pure essence of shoyu, and the cleaner taste reflects that. After trying this, you may never go back to using those mass-produced products in your supermarket.  

44. Japanese Green Tea

This green tea comes from Uji in Kyoto, which is famous all over Japan for the quality of its tea. This tea is also organic, and the company works with local farmers to bring you the best product they can — the perfect gift for any tea lover.

45. Ichiran Ramen

The whole world is falling in love with ramen. There have been ramen shops popping up all over the world these days. I don’t blame them; ramen is amazing…when it’s made well.  

Ichiran Ramen stands at the top of the list for the best ramen in the world. So many travelers to Japan make a point to try Ichiran Ramen on their trip. I don’t blame them. Even after trying hundreds of different ramen in Japan, Ichiran is still one of my favorites.  

The good news is that you can now try these famous noodles in the convenience of your own home. These instant Ichiran Ramen kits are imported from Japan and will produce restaurant-quality tasting noodles at home. Now I’m getting hungry…

46. Kobe Beef/ Japan Wagyu Beef

A close-up of a roast of A5 Wagyu beef that is highly marbled. It's on a rack in a refrigerator or oven.

Yes, you read that right — the mythical Kobe Beef. A few years ago, you could only find it in a handful of places outside of Japan. Now, you can buy it online (thank you, Internet gods!).  

Don’t be fooled by other beef that claims to be Kobe. There are a lot of imitations out there, but Holy Grail Steak Co. offers the real thing.  

I’ve been lucky to try A5 (highest grade) Kobe Beef many times, and it is something special. It’s unlike any other beef steak you have ever had. It’s fatty, juicy, and has an amazing flavor. The good thing about Kobe Beef is that it is rich, so you don’t need to eat a lot to be satisfied.  

Most people don’t know that there are many other types of wagyu beef from areas all around Japan. They do have their own signature tastes, but they are similar in marbling and melt in your mouth. Holy Grail Steak Co. has some of the best beef that you can find from different areas in Japan

47. Ninjapo Candy Making Sets

If you’re looking for a gift for kids or someone who just likes cute food, this is right up your alley. These kits have everything you need to make miniature versions of popular Japanese foods like sushi, ramen, takoyaki, and a bento box. Keep in mind that these are not the actual foods. They are made from candy and other confectionery. One flavor is savory, though, so it might surprise you. Honestly, I don’t care for the taste, but they are really fun to make.  

It’s quite impressive how realistic the foods look when you are done. While there are several steps to making these mini lookalike foods, it’s pretty simple to do and doesn’t take any special skill (maybe a steady hand since the tools you work with are small).  

48. Ubara Rice

My whole life, I always used a cheaper brand of short-grain rice from America. It’s good, and it was satisfying. However…

If you are a rice lover like me, you NEED to try rice from Japan. There is a huge difference in quality. Will it completely blow your mind? Don’t expect a magical product made by unicorns. It still is rice. But with Japanese rice, you get a much better texture, aroma, and flavor. Imagine good handmade pasta vs. dried pasta.  

Every bite makes you want to savor it more and more. In my experience, it also keeps better (tip: you can freeze Japanese rice in small microwave/freezer-safe containers and warm it up when you are ready to eat).  

This Ubara rice is from Ibaraki prefecture in Japan and is grown in rich soil and clean water. Its sweetness and wonderful texture make it great for sushi. In fact, Ubara rice is used in high-end sushi restaurants.

Of course, you need to know how to cook rice properly. If you’re not sure how to do that, you can check out our rice cooking guide. 

Unique Japanese Gift Ideas

These items are uniquely Japanese for their beauty, quality, or technology. Check them out to see why.

49. Kashiki: Container for Sweets

Kashiki Japanese Black and Red Lacquerware sweets container.

This kashiki, or a lacquerware container for sweets, is hand-crafted in Yamanaka, Japan. This area is known for the quality and stunning beauty of its products. This kashiki is no exception.  

Just looking at this kashiki evokes feelings of elegance and grace. This work of art will add a touch of beauty to any home.  

50. Studio Ghibli Teacup

Another great Studio Ghibli product that is also uniquely Japanese. This Totoro teacup is made in Japan and has both the English and Japanese names of the characters/items on it.  

If you prefer other Ghibli anime, there is also a Spirited Away version that is just as cute.  

51. Shikibuton: Traditional Japanese Bedding

Futon beds have become popular in many countries, but the real deal is the shikibuton. These are traditional types of Japanese bedding that you lay directly on the floor. Some people swear that this is the best way to sleep and even helps with their back pain.  

If sleeping on the floor sounds uncomfortable, you haven’t tried a quality shikibuton made in Japan. This queen-sized version will surprise you with just how comfortable it is.

52. Japanese Sword Scissors

This novel take on turning a pair of scissors into a samurai sword is just freakin cool.  Not only does this samurai sword scissors look like a miniature version of the real thing, but it also is made in Seki City in Gifu, Japan.  This is an area known for producing some of the best kitchen knives in the country.  

This sword scissors also comes with a samurai sheath cover for added coolness. 

53. Nail Clippers

Japan is known for the high-quality of their products.  Even things as simple as a nail clipper are made with precision in Japan. 

This nail clipper, Takumi No Waza (which translates to “an artisans/craftsman’s skill”) cuts through nails effortlessly.  Once someone uses these clippers, it will be hard to go back to anything else. 

Photo Credits (By Item Numbers) Shops

1.  Custom Stamp:  riyo  –  Owner of talktothesun
2.  Japanese Puzzle Box:  Hiroyuki Oka – Owner of Japanesepuzzlebox
4.  Omamori:  Seiya Hashimoto –  Owner of heritageJapan
7.  Custom Illustration:  Hana Akiba  -Owner of HanaArtGallery
9.  Custom Kanji Name:  basis  – Owner of basisJP
11.  Samurai Helmet:  BRONZE MUSEUM JAPAN supervisor K – Owner of BRONZEMUSEUMJAPAN
13.  Okinawan Star Sand:  JstuffSale  – Owner of JstuffSale
14.  Nakagawa-Masashichi Specialty Cloths:  Poroporo – Owner of PreciousPreciousJP
15.  Cat Strap:  Nanae Kawanobe – Owner of SoldITJapan
20.  Furoshiki:  Nariko Akechi – Owner of Japankitchen
23.  Personalized Necklace:  Dana Pearl – Owner of DaintyPearlDana
26.  Mario Hanafuda Cards:  Living Tokyo – Owner of LivingInTokyo
27.  Kimono:  Engawa  –  Owner of EngawaJapan
28.  Totoro Puzzle:  Living Tokyo – Owner of LivingInTokyo
49.  Kashiki: Yuko Black – Owner of KotoTea

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Dallen Nakamura

Dallen was born and raised in Hawaii and never had a passport until he was 24. His first trip outside of the US was to Japan. He loved it so much that when he got back home, he immediately quit his job and moved to Japan without a plan. While he loves the people and culture of Japan, his true love is food. He is convinced that Japan has the best food in the world and is slowly eating his way around the world to prove it.

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