Hotel Granvia Kyoto: The Most Convenient Hotel in Kyoto?

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The ultimate in convenience if you plan on doing a lot of traveling to and from Kyoto Station. The hotel is located right inside the station, and only a hop, skip, and a jump away from the main JR ticket gates.

The rooms are clean and comfortable. The standard rooms are nice, but nothing too exciting. However, it is a step above most business hotels, and is a great value if you go during the off-season periods. The standard rooms are a little disappointing if you were to pay the full price during the busy season (summer, Golden Week, New Years, and most weekends).

The hotel itself has a luxurious feel, and has many wonderful restaurants as well as a gym and swimming pool. If you plan on doing a lot of traveling to and from Kyoto Station, the convenience of the Hotel Granvia Kyoto will make your travels much more enjoyable.

In terms of location, Hotel Granvia Kyoto is impossible to beat.

The hotel is literally inside Kyoto Station. You can enter the hotel without leaving the station building.

You have buses, subways, taxis, and trains right outside your door. They can take you anywhere in the city you want to go.

The rooms give you more space than the average Japanese hotel. They feature some unique designs, and you have lots of amenities in your room.

The hotel offers a number of cool services as well. You can enjoy 11 different restaurants… and they feature some world-class breakfasts!

The area around the hotel offers lots of fun attractions you can easily walk to.

You can get to anywhere in Kyoto from the station attached to the hotel.

Regarded as one of Kyoto’s best hotels, Hotel Granvia Kyoto is perfect for guests looking to combine luxury with convenience.

Hotel Overview

The Hotel Granvia Kyoto is a five-star hotel inside Kyoto Station.

It has 536 rooms, eleven restaurants, and a wide range of facilities. The Hotel Granvia isn’t cheap – but it gives guests a very convenient place to stay.

Kyoto’s attractions, dining, and shopping are all easy to get to from the hotel. You can even enjoy some great dining and shopping inside the hotel itself!

The English speaking staff want to make sure you have a great stay. They’re glad to help you with baggage storage, travel arrangements, dinner reservations, and sightseeing advice.

The hotel features over 1,000 pieces of museum-quality artwork. You’ll see all kinds of sculptures, paintings, and photographs spread across the hotel. They really add a luxurious feel to your stay!

The hotel offers 3 great breakfast options. It also has an indoor pool and a hot tub (restrictions apply for guests under the age of 20).

Check-in starts at 3:00pm. You can check-out until noon.

Pros and Cons


  • Incredible location
  • Amazing food options – particularly for breakfast
  • The hotel caters to a diverse range of guests. They offer everything from family and universal rooms to halal food to LGBT weddings



  • Rooms are expensive
  • The rooms are a little disappointing for the price
  • No single traveler rooms
  • The rooms sell out on a regular basis. Make sure you book your room well in advance.
  • Some restaurants won’t let children under 5 enter. Guests under 20 can’t use the swimming pool (except during very limited hours early in the morning).
  • Breakfast can get crowded

Making Reservations

Be sure to compare the prices on websites like or Agoda to find the best deal.

Check prices and availability on


The hotel’s location inside Kyoto Station makes finding the hotel a breeze. Step off the train and you’re there!

Okay, so it’s a little more complicated than that – but not much.

The hotel lobby is on Kyoto Station’s second floor. To get to the lobby, simply walk through the Karasuma Central ticket gates. Head to the second floor on the escalator or elevator.

The location makes it convenient when you arrive or leave from Kyoto. It’s also an ideal base for travelers looking to explore all Japan’s ancient capital has to offer.

You have rail and subway trains inside the building. The terminal of the city’s bus network and a large taxi stand sit right outside the building.

You won’t have any trouble getting around town.

Attractions in the Area

The Gion District is home to geisha and beautiful, traditional houses and streets. It’s only 5 minutes away on the subway (to Karasuma Station, followed by a short walk).

The spectacular hilltop temple Kiyomizudera takes 13 minutes to reach by taxi. It’s 30 minutes by bus (with a little walking as well).

Kyoto’s main attraction, the Kinkakuji Golden Pavillion, is 35 to 45 away by bus and subway, or around 20 minutes by taxi.

Attractions You Can Walk To

You have lots of fun sites to explore in the area around the hotel.

Kyoto Tower is one of the city’s most famous landmarks. It’s just north of the hotel.

You can get there in a few minutes on foot. If your room at the hotel doesn’t come with a view, I suggest you check out the city from the tower’s viewing platform.

Keep walking north to get to the Higashi Hoganji temple and Shosei-en garden. You can reach both in less than 15 minutes.

Toji Temple’s wooden pagoda is the largest wooden structure in Japan. It takes about 15 minutes to walk to the temple from the hotel. It’s just south of Kyoto Station (and thus the hotel).  The temple is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s worth a visit if you have some time to kill.


You’ll find a wealth of shopping opportunities around, within, and under Kyoto Station. The area offers department stores, shopping malls, and much, much more.  The food you  can try in and around Kyoto Station is an experience in itself.

Getting to the Hotel

Near Kyoto Station Night

From Kyoto Station (if you arrive by JR Train, Kintetsu, or Shinkansen)

Get off your train and head towards the central Karasuma gates.

Turn right once you go through the ticket gates. Make your way up the escalator to the 2nd-floor hotel lobby. Look for the sign (in English) pointing the way.

From Kyoto Station (if you arrive by Highway bus)

Walk into Kyoto Station from the bus stop. Take the elevators up to the walkway on the north side of the station.

Look for the main Karasuma gates (near the central atrium). You’ll see them between two sets of elevators.

Find the sign for the Hotel Granvia Kyoto and take the elevator to the second floor.

From Kansai International Airport

By Train (If You Have the Jr Pass)

Take the JR Kansai International Airport Express Haruka to Kyoto Station.

Follow the directions above for arriving by JR Train.

By Bus

Take the Limousine Bus to Kyoto Station and get off at the Hachijoguchi bus stop.

Follow the directions above for arriving by Highway Bus.

From Osaka International Itami Airport

Take the Limousine Bus to Kyoto Station. Get off at the Hachijoguchi bus stop.

From here follow the directions for arriving by Highway Bus.


The rooms range from twins and doubles to larger rooms designed for families. The hotel also offers suites for those who want the ultimate in luxury accommodation.

All rooms come with high-speed Internet access and “relaxy angel” beds. You have to try these beds to believe how comfortable they feel! You also get to enjoy the Hotel Granvia’s original toiletries, manufactured by Hohonica.

All the rooms come with universally designed light switches. They make turning lights off and on easy for anyone.

The rooms also come with a safety deposit box and a multi-function shower.

All rooms above the standard level feature a light alarm. The alarm gently mimics the rising sun; it peacefully wakes you up without startling you.

Room Types

Standard Double

While none of the rooms here are cheap, the standard rooms are the most affordable.

The standard double gives you between 258 to 344 square feet of space, depending on what’s available. It’s quite large compared to most other Japanese hotels.

The bed is also larger than usual. It’s 4 ¾ – 6 feet wide and a little under 7 feet long.


The triple rooms give you more space (441 square feet).

They have the same size bed – 3 ¾ feet wide by a little under 7 feet long.

The triple can accommodate four people with an extra bed if necessary.


The family room gives you a whopping 667 square feet of space.

These rooms can sleep up to five people. They have four single beds and a sofa you can convert into a bed.

The room comes with the same size beds (3 ¾ feet wide and a little under 7 feet long) as the triples.

You get two sinks and separated bath, toilet, and dressing areas. Several people can use the bathroom at the same time.

You also get a living area with comfortable armchairs and a sofa.

Standard Twin

The standard twin is generous in size.

The rooms range from 280 to 323 ft². The beds are 3 ¾ feet wide and just under 7 feet long.

Superior Twin

The superior twin (366 ft²) comes with more space and more of Hotel Granvia’s luxury touches.

Universal Room

The universal room (366 ft²) is a great option for wheelchair users.

It comes with removable toilet and bath rails and an adjustable chair for the bathroom. You also get an emergency call button.


The Granvia Deluxe rooms feature sophisticated designs. They all come with impressive views over Kyoto.

The traditional Japanese-style bathroom helps you have a relaxing stay. You get plenty of room to unwind in the tub after a day of business or sightseeing.

The Deluxe double offers 280-366 ft² of space, and the twin is 366 ft². The premium twin gives you a large 517 ft² of room to relax.

All Deluxe and suite rooms come with a Nespresso machine and an air cleaner/humidifier unit.


All suite rooms come with a spacious living area.

The living area features comfortable sofas and armchairs and a multi-purpose dining table.

You also get a generous bathroom. It’s outfitted with a variety of special features.

The semi-suite double and twin give you 538 ft² of space. The premium twin gives you 710 ft².

The Executive Suite (753 ft²) keeps your business needs in mind. It features a striking modern living room with a large desk and sofa set. It’s perfect for entertaining or meetings.

The 538 ft² Dream suite emphasizes luxury. The living room, bedroom, and bathroom feature some truly unique decorating elements. I’ve never seen such a stylish hotel room in my life!

The 710 ft² Harmony suite features soundproof walls. You can play musical instruments in your room without disturbing the other guests.

The Chouraku suite (786 ft²) celebrates Kyoto’s reputation for refinement.

The decorating style gives you a taste of Kyoto’s timeless elegance. You get some incredible views of the Kyoto tower from the jacuzzi!

The Granvia Lounge

The Granvia and Suite rooms give you a special privilege – they come with exclusive access to the Granvia Lounge.

The private lounge opens from 7:00am-8:00pm. It has a self-service beverage station and work counters with LAN cables. The lounge also offers a 24-hour computer room, a check out counter, and a concierge.

You also get free use of the pool and fitness center (regular guests pay an extra fee).


The prices below come directly from the hotel’s website.

We list them here to give you a rough idea what you can expect to spend. They represent the average cost of each room type. It may cost more or less when you book, depending on demand.

  • Standard Double: 30,000 – 47,520 yen
  • Standard Twin: 33,000 – 45,144 yen
  • Universal Room: 43,000 – 51,084 yen
  • Superior Twin: 43,000 – 51,084 yen
  • Triple: 50,000 – 59,400 yen
  • Family: 71,000 – 84,348 yen
  • Granvia Deluxe Double: 52,000 – 61,776 yen
  • Granvia Deluxe Twin: 52,000 – 61,776 yen
  • Granvia Deluxe Twin Premium: 70,000 – 83,160 yen
  • Granvia Family: 81,000 – 96,228 yen
  • Semi-Suite Double: 73,000 – 86,724 yen
  • Semi-Suite Twin: 73,000 – 86,724 yen
  • Dream Suite: 80,000 – 95,040 yen
  • Granvia Semi-Suite Twin Premium: 100,000 – 118,800 yen
  • Harmony Suite: 130,000 – 154,440 yen
  • Choraku Suite: 200,000 – 237,600 yen
  • Executive Suite: 200,000 – 237,600 yen

The Art

You won’t believe the quality of the art you’ll see in the hotel.

The hotel features over 1,000 works of art from well-known artists. These aren’t your typical cheap motel paintings!

Every time you walk down a hallway you haven’t seen before, it feels like you’re stepping into an art museum!

Hotel Facilities

These services include:

  • An English-speaking concierge service (8:00am to 8:00pm).
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel.
  • Fitness facilities including an indoor swimming pool, sauna, hot tub, and gym. You pay extra to use them (1,080 yen per day)
  • Poolside foot and body massage (also an extra charge)
  • Swimsuit rental at the reception

*Note: All guests under 20 must have an adult with them if they want to use the pool. They can only use the pool from 7:00am – 9:00am.

Guests with tattoos aren’t allowed in the swimming area.


The Hotel Granvia Kyoto has 11 restaurants.

These 11 restaurants give you a variety of delicious choices. You can get anything you want from Japanese to American to European to Chinese. You won’t go hungry staying here!

The hotel gives you three fantastic breakfast options.


You can enjoy a breakfast buffet from 6:30am to 10:00am at Le Temps.

The Western and Japanese breakfast buffet sets you back 2,520 yen. It costs 1,260 yen for children twelve and under.

You can also choose the American breakfast or continental breakfast set. They cost 2,851 yen (American) or 1,500 yen (continental).

Le Temps stays open until 11:00 pm. They offer lunch and dinner courses and buffets as well.

The Southern Court Sky Dining and Lounge on the 15th floor offers a half-buffet style breakfast from 7:00am – 11:00am.

The half-buffet features a salad bar, freshly baked bread, and your choice of a main dish. It costs 2,581 yen for adults and 1,800 for children aged three to twelve.

Japanese Style Breakfast

Want to try a great Japanese-style breakfast?

Ukihashi serves grilled fish, tofu, and a variety of side dishes. The dishes feature vegetables, pickles, miso soup, and rice (2,851 yen).

You can order the traditional Japanese breakfast from 7:00am – 10:00am.

Le Temps, The Southern Court, and Ukihashi stay open after breakfast. They all offer a buffet lunch, dinner, and a la carte options.

Room Service

Don’t feel like leaving your room early in the morning?

I don’t blame you. To give you an example of the prices, their luxury breakfast from the room service menu costs 6,534 yen.

The breakfast gives you a filling mix of seasonal luxury dishes. It even comes with champagne!

You can also get the American breakfast for 3,136 yen. The Japanese breakfast costs 3,334 yen.

If you want to order a room service breakfast, the hotel asks you to order before 11:30pm on the previous day.

Japanese Food

Each of the 5 Japanese restaurants specializes in some type of traditional cuisine.

Your 5 Japanese options include:

  1. Gozanbo, a teppanyaki restaurant.
  2. Kyorinsen, which specializes in tempura dishes.
  3. Shiokoji Rakusui gives you an authentic kaiseki experience. You can only eat here by renting a private room – they don’t usually have any set hours.
  4. Ukihashi offers traditional Japanese dishes in set courses or a la carte.
  5. Kyoto Kitcho serves traditional Japanese cuisine in ambient surroundings.

Other Restaurants

Hotel Granvia’s other restaurants include the Cotociel.

This fine dining experience gives you incredible views over Kyoto from the fifteenth floor.

The food takes the best of French, Italian, and European cooking techniques. It combines them with uniquely Japanese ingredients.

Roppongi Rogairo continues a tradition of serving Hangzhou-style Chinese cooking. They’ve been serving this type of food for well over 100 years.

The Grand Jour offers a casual spot to enjoy a coffee or a light meal with friends.

Order the afternoon tea set if you want to treat yourself.


You have three bar options inside the hotel.

Ukihashi opens a sake bar at night.

The Southern Court Sky Dining and Lounge bar opens at 6pm. They close at 11:30.

The Orbite bar opens from 5:30pm until 11:30pm. It’s the main bar in the building.

*Note: Most of the restaurants and bars have a dress code.

Men in sleeveless shirts or sandals can’t enter. Also, most restaurants won’t allow children under 5 to enter during dinner hours.

Customers under 20 (the legal drinking age in Japan) can’t enter the bars.

The restaurants and bars tend to get packed. I suggest you make reservations.

Other Things to Do

The hotel offers several business facilities. The facilities come with advanced simultaneous interpretation systems. The systems can support up to six foreign languages at one time.

The hotel has several banquet halls you can rent out. You can use them for private functions, seminars, meetings, or weddings.

The hotel offers a variety of wedding packages. The packages include traditional and same-sex packages. The weddings feature a ceremony at a historic temple (if you want it).

You can book lots of interesting and unusual tours through the hotel. The things you can try are as diverse as shopping, cycling, trips to world heritage sites… and even cos-playing as a ninja!

The Hotel Also Offers:

  • A private healthcare clinic
  • A bakery and pastry shop
  • A florist
  • A jeweler
  • Souvenir and clothing stores
  • A photo studio
  • Coin operated computers you can use for a small fee. They cost 100 yen per 10 minutes
  • A beauty salon
  • A bridal shop

For Guests with Disabilities

The hotel features handicapped-accessible lighting in each room.
The unique light switch makes it easy for anyone to turn the lights on and off.

There’s a universal room designed for guests in wheelchairs. It comes with handrails, a special toilet seat, and an emergency call button.

Other rooms vary in accessibility. Make sure you speak to the hotel about your needs before you make your booking.

Insider Tips

  • Book a room on the Kyoto Tower side of the hotel (if you can). The rooms facing the tower give you the best view of the city.
  • Let the staff know if you have trouble connecting to the Wi-Fi. They’ll deliver a modem right to your room

Making a Reservation

Check prices and availability on

Have You Stayed at the Hotel Granvia Kyoto?

If so, what did you think? What did you like or dislike about the place? Did we miss anything we should have covered?

Would you stay there again? Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? Let us know in the comments!

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