A close-up of a bed with white sheets and pillows. There are four, white, folded towels with flowers on top placed on the bed.

The 6 Best Places to Stay in Akihabara: Minutes Away from the Station

Famous for both its abundance of electronics shops and for being the anime/manga center of Tokyo, Akihabara is a vibrant, wonderfully geeky district. There are tons of shops, selling the latest cutting-edge electronics and anime/manga, along with collectibles, games, toys, etc. And there are also some very unusual cafes, like maid cafes – where women dress … Read more

A crowd of people walking through the many colorful lights, signs, and shops in Akihabara at night.

Things to Do in Akihabara: An Otaku’s Guide

Akihabara:  Geek Culture, Maid Cafes, and Electronics Galore Akihabara is well known as the electronics center of Japan. While chain electronics shops can be found all over Tokyo, Akihabara has the highest concentration of stores. It is where Japan’s electronic product companies test their products on the domestic market. With limited edition products and special offers, … Read more