A woman holding up a burning torch in front of a red circle that symbolizes the flag of Japan.

Tokyo Olympics 2020 Hotels – The Best Places to Stay

7 Best (And Closest) Hotels for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Where will you be for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics? If you’re lucky enough to be in Tokyo, expect exciting things – sport climbing, surfing, skateboarding, and karate will be making their Olympic debut. Baseball and softball will return to the games, after being dropped from … Read more

A group of Tokyo Baseball Japanese Fans cheering in the stands awith one group holding a flag of Japan.

Tokyo Baseball Games: Feel the Energy of the Crowd!

Sumo may be Japan’s national sport, but baseball is Japan’s most popular past time.  English professor Horace Wilson introduced baseball to Japan in 1872. Since then, the game has become Japan’s favorite form of recreation. Professional baseball started in the 1920s. It’s now firmly established as the most watched sport in Japan. There are a … Read more

Imperial Palace Gardens Tokyo with a small bridge over a small body of water, which is reflecting the bridge.

The Imperial Palace Gardens: Find Peace in Japan’s Busiest City

Tokyo’s intense crowds, underground subway passages, and blaring neon lights can make you claustrophobic.  The Imperial Palace Gardens offers a break with some of the loveliest scenery in Tokyo. Escape the busy crush of commuting workers. Slow down, relax, and enjoy the beauty of the garden. It’s just a 10-minute walk from Tokyo Station. What … Read more

Sensoji Temple at Night with lit up laterns in front of it.

Sensoji Temple: History, Food, and Amazing Festivals

Sensoji isn’t the just oldest temple in Tokyo. It’s actually much older than Tokyo itself.  The temple drew crowds when Tokyo was a sleepy fishing village. It’s still popular today, despite the many attractions Tokyo offers.  The skyscrapers in the area dwarf the main hall, distinctive gates, and five-story pagoda. Don’t be put off by … Read more

The outside of Tokyo Station, with the street lamps lit up.

Tokyo Station: So Much to See and Do

Are you an architectural aficionado? Or maybe you would prefer to be surrounded by amazing stores and shop for hours on end? If neither strikes your fancy, how about trying some ramen that will leave your taste buds asking for more? Tokyo Station has architectural domes that rival the cathedrals of Europe, an incredible indoor … Read more

The outside of the Ikebukuro Sunshine City Mall in Japan.

Things to Do in Ikebukuro: Fun For Everyone

Ikebukuro: Japan’s Female Otaku Scene Ikebukuro is filled with so many things to do. You can enjoy aquariums, arcades, amazing city views from sky-high buildings, and a Pokemon Center that has a huge selection of items to choose from. For the ladies, you could even rent your own private butler for a few hours.  Without … Read more

A street in Shibuya, with many people walking around looking at the various shops.

Shibuya: The Heart of Street Fashion

What to Do in Shibuya During the Day Move over Ginza! Shibuya is rapidly replacing the glamorous department store district as the new center of Tokyo’s fashion scene. Shibuya’s Harajuku district has already reached international fame. But this area is only the start. Shibuya’s Omotesando shopping street is known as the “Champs-Élysées” of Tokyo – … Read more

Ueno Park Tokyo - People walking a long a walking path with trees on both sides, as well as people sitting down on benches in front of a small pond.

Ueno Park: Something for Everyone

Can you picture one thousand cherry trees in full blossom?  Do you crave ancient temples with beautiful architecture?  Would you like to view the largest collection of Japanese art in the world?  Do your kids like engaging, hands-on science museums?  Do they like the zoo? Do you (nothing wrong with admitting it!)? If so, you’ll … Read more

Odaiba,Tokyo at night with the Ferris wheel lit up with vibrant colors of green, blue, yellow, and red.

Odaiba Japan: A Seaside Playground for All Ages

Do you enjoy interactive museums, arcades, shopping, or architectural feats of genius? How about cars, cosplay, beaches, or onsens? Odaiba has all this, and more.  Odaiba showcases the best of modern Japan.  You’re going to love the high tech island haven of Odaiba. Odaiba’s Origins Odaiba was once the declining Shogun’s defense against the outer … Read more

Some of the huge buildings lit up at night in Ginza. A yellow taxi can be seen driving by.

Ginza: Tokyo’s Glamorous Past

Chic shopping, world-class cuisine, and awe-inspiring architecture await you.  Ginza is THE place to window shop in Tokyo.  Opulent brands and cutting-edge trends abound.  Japan’s prominent retailers have flagship stores in Ginza. They go way over the top to get your business.  You’ve never had a department store experience like this.  After browsing the overpriced … Read more

Shinjuku at Night with a sea of huge buildings everywhere. There are buildings with their lights on for what seems like miles and miles.

Things to Do in Shinjuku at Night

Shinjuku After Dark: A Wealth of Night Life Shinjuku is a different place after dark. The neon signs are turned on, and the staid business district transforms into a gaudy collection of bars and restaurants.  In West Shinjuku, the skyscraper district remains conservative. The sole exception is Yodobashi Camera, lit up with a dazzling light … Read more

A wide-shot taken of the city, with al of the huge buildings everywhere.

Things to Do in Shinjuku in the Day: Something For Everyone

Shinjuku’s skyscrapers are an iconic Tokyo sight. If you’ve ever seen a clip of Godzilla pushing over a skyscraper, chances are you’re looking at Shinjuku. Since 1991 when the Tokyo Government relocated to Shinjuku, the district has enjoyed a reputation as Tokyo’s political center. It’s also a thriving business hub. Shinjuku Station holds the world … Read more

A photo taken at night of Tokyo, with the Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo, Tower, and numerous buildings.

Top 10 Free Things to do in Tokyo

It is very easy to spend money in Tokyo. Between the world-class shopping available in Ginza and Odaiba’s mega-malls, the bargains at Akihabara and the incredible range of entertainment and restaurant options, Tokyo can make your travel budget disappear. You don’t need to blow your bank account! Some of the capital’s best attractions are free. … Read more

A crowd of people walking through the many colorful lights, signs, and shops in Akihabara at night.

Things to Do in Akihabara: An Otaku’s Guide

Akihabara:  Geek Culture, Maid Cafes, and Electronics Galore Akihabara is well known as the electronics center of Japan. While chain electronics shops can be found all over Tokyo, Akihabara has the highest concentration of stores. It is where Japan’s electronic product companies test their products on the domestic market. With limited edition products and special offers, … Read more

Tsukiji Fish Market Shop that sells Crab and other seafood with a male worker standing in the middle of the shop.

Tsukiji Fish Market: All You Need to Know

Tsukiji Fish Market: Japan at its Freshest **Note: The inner market has moved to its new location called Toyosu Market, so the follow information is not valid. However the outer market is still open and it worth going to! Tsukiji Fish Market is an unlikely seeming tourist attraction. A wholesale fish market, even if it … Read more