A woman holding up a burning torch in front of a red circle that symbolizes the flag of Japan.

Tokyo Olympics 2020 Hotels – The Best Places to Stay

7 Best (And Closest) Hotels for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Where will you be for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics? If you’re lucky enough to be in Tokyo, expect exciting things – sport climbing, surfing, skateboarding, and karate will be making their Olympic debut. Baseball and softball will return to the games, after being dropped from … Read more

A group of Tokyo Baseball Japanese Fans cheering in the stands awith one group holding a flag of Japan.

Tokyo Baseball Games: Feel the Energy of the Crowd!

Sumo may be Japan’s national sport, but baseball is Japan’s most popular past time.  English professor Horace Wilson introduced baseball to Japan in 1872. Since then, the game has become Japan’s favorite form of recreation. Professional baseball started in the 1920s. It’s now firmly established as the most watched sport in Japan. There are a … Read more