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Is the JET Program Worth It? Pros Vs. Cons

Is the JET Program worth it? In my opinion, it is 100% worth it. If you have the chance, you should definitely do it.   HOWEVER… working in Japan is not all sunshine and rainbows. Many JETs get sick of the job, or even Japan itself, after just a year or two. So how can I … Read more

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JET-setting into the Deep Countryside of Japan: My Experience

When I taught English abroad in the inaka (countryside) of Japan, I lived in a very small, very old mountain village. From afar, it was beautiful. Rice fields surrounded the mountain, lush greenery was everywhere, and in the summer, tall cumulus clouds floated slowly across the sky. It was like a scene straight out of … Read more

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Working for The JET Program – A Typical Day

If you got accepted to the JET Program as an ALT, congratulations!  All of your hard work and patience has paid off.Now you’re probably excited and anxious to find out all about your school, and what working for the JET Program will be like.  Here’s a general guideline about what you’ll be doing on a … Read more