A younger, Asian girl standing up and reading Manga in a Store

The Top 5 Manga for Women in Their 20s

  Life has a way of keeping us busy. Between trying to pay the bills and making it through the day, it can be hard finding time to spend on your hobbies. LifeMany people have their first encounter with manga in their youth. I’ve often found myself wondering what’s good to read, but I don’t … Read more

A young woman sitting in a car and looking out of the window and smiling. She is holding keys in her right hand.

How to Get a Japanese Driver’s License

A Japanese driver’s license may seem unnecessary to anyone living in a large city. Places like Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya have great public transportation systems, so driving is easily avoided. On the off chance you can’t get to your destination by train, there’s definitely a bus within walking distance of where you’d like to go. … Read more

Four women and two men dressed in business attire clenching their fists as if doing a fightint pose. They are standing in front of a desk with laptops on top of it.

Japan Workplace Culture: Communicating with Your Japanese Co-Workers

Communication is the backbone of any office environment. This is no different in Japan. Language is important for communicating, but it’s more than just saying the right words. It’s usually much more nuanced. Your delivery of a statement can impact its meaning. Your body language can also affect how your words are interpreted. These subtle … Read more