Shukkeien Garden: Escape the City

 Shukkei-en:  A Wonderful Garden to Feel Peace

This downtown park is a recreation of the garden that existed on the site before the atomic blast.


Shukkeien Garden - Bridge



What You Can See There

Shukkei-en is itself a small-scale recreation of West Lake in Hangzhou, China. Shukkei-en means “contracted view,” and the garden was designed in the Edo period to recreate landscapes in miniature.

As you follow the path around the pond, a series of views are revealed. Highlights are the “islands” with their pine trees.

Shukkeien Garden - Trees

There are small hills and a few stone bridges. In spring the park’s plum and cherry trees add a spectacular note of color.

As Shukkei-en was designed by a tea ceremony master, the path around the garden is dotted with tea houses where you can sit and appreciate the carefully crafted view.


Is it Worth Visiting?

If you want some quiet reflection after your Peace Park visit, consider Shukkei-en.

Although the scenery is enchanting, the busy hum of Hiroshima traffic is never far away.

Despite this, because the park gets less visitors than the Peace Park, it remains a good place to sit and have some much needed quiet.


Shukkeien Garden - Stone Statue and Garden


Opening Hours

April – September: 9:00am – 6:00pm

October – March: 9:00am – 5:00 pm

December 29th – 31st: Closed


Shukkeien Garden - Miniature Bridge


Ticket Prices

Adults:  260 yen

College and high school students: 150 yen

Junior high and elementary school students: 100 yen

Group discounts are available (more than 20 people)


Shukkeien Garden - Pond


How to Get There

By foot:  Shukkei is a 10 minute walk from JR Hiroshima Station.

By streetcar:  Take the Hiroshima Electric Railway streetcar (located in front of the JR Hiroshima Station, about a 5 minute walk).

Catch Hiroshima Electric Railway Number 2 headed for Hiroden Miyajima-guchi.

Get off at the Hatchobori stop and then transfer to the Hiroshima Electric Railway Number 9, headed for Hakushima.

Get off at the Shukkei-en mae stop. Shukkei is a 2 minute walk from that stop.


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