The 15 Best Adventure Manga That Will Make Your Heart Race

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Manga is a one-way ticket into a world full of excitement, energy, and adventure. Meeting new friends and standing firm against fearsome enemies, we rally together on the quests filled with danger.

From chasing dragons to avenging fallen friends, we honor some of our favorite manga heroes with this list of the 15 best adventure manga ever!

15. Trigun (Yasuhiro Nightow, 1995 – 1997)

An insane reward, a destroyed city, and a hazy memory, Trigun introduces us to Vash, a man under constant pursuit from bounty hunters looking to get their hands on $$60,000,000,000 (yes, sixty billion “double dollars”).

The story of Vash, and the bounty currently placed on his head, is explored more as you go deeper into this manga. This adventure takes us on a slower burn, littered with plenty of comedy and action while explaining the painful past of our protagonist.

While the art style can seem dated when looking back, the story mix keeps this adventure slick and relatable, with Vash portraying genuine feelings that readers can empathize with, even if he’s hiding them from everyone!

Join the race for Vash’s bounty over at Amazon: Trigun, Vol. 1

14. Chainsaw Man (Tatsuki Fujimoto, 2018 – 2020)

Action, violence, and crazy adventure, Chainsaw Man has a simple title that tells you everything you need to know.  

All Denji wants to do is have an easy life, relaxing with the girl of his dreams. Unfortunately, he’s plagued by his past and his debt to the yakuza. How must he repay his debt? Killing devils with the help of his pet demon, Pochita, of course.  

After a botched killing, Denji’s life changes forever when he merges with Pochita and gains the ability to turn parts of his body into chainsaws, thus becoming Chainsaw Man.

Taking a step out of typical shounen style, Fujimoto relies on his love for violence and chaos, keeping a simple storyline compelling and interesting, with stylish action scenes to boot.

Adrenaline-filled, blood-pumping adventure awaits all who pick up Chainsaw Man!

Join Denji on his action-packed, slasher adventure over at Amazon with a 5-volume set here: Chainsaw Man Manga Set 1-5

13. Sword Art Online – Light Novel (Reki Kawahara, 2009 – Present)

Eerily close to becoming our reality, Sword Art Online is a virtual world similar to World of Warcraft. However, this game allows users to fully immerse themselves in virtual reality.

In a dark turn of events, the game becomes an absolute living nightmare as players are locked in the virtual world against their will, tasked with clearing all 100 floors of the endgame fortress to win their freedom. Players must gain experience, upgrade their gear, and most importantly, survive, as any death in the game means death in the real world too.

This adventure takes place in a setting most gamers are used to, but every decision they make could be life or death. This manga explores what life would be like behind the screen. With amazing settings and emotionally charged storylines, it’s easy to get lost inside Sword Art Online!

Plug into Sword Art Online at Amazon and get volume 1 here on Amazon: Sword Art Online 1: Aincrad

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12. The Seven Deadly Sins (Nakaba Suzuki, 2012 – 2020)

Starting off shrouded in mystery, we hear tales of seven great knights long disbanded for an attempted forceful takeover of the Liones Kingdom.

Fast forward ten years, we meet Princess Elizabeth Liones as she comes face to face with Meliodas, the leader of the legendary knights. The duo embarks on an adventure to gather together Meliodas’ six comrades in the promise of putting an end to the rumors they believe cost them their lives and reputations.

Great battles commence between the sins and the Holy Knights, believing they are the true protectors of the land. Taking twists and turns, this magically cursed adventure keeps you guessing with its emotional backstories and epic action, unafraid to show the violence that the knights protecting their land must face.

Join the Seven Deadly Sins on their quest to prove their innocence over at Amazon with Volume 1 here: The Seven Deadly Sins 1

You can also get a 5 volume set (volumes 1 – 5) here: Seven Deadly Sins Series 1 Vol (1 to 5) 5 books collection Set

11. Fairy Tail (Hiro Mashima, 2006 – 2017)

In the Kingdom of Fiore, a land where magic is a part of everyday life, we meet Natsu Dragneel, a boisterous, yet talented, fire mage.

Natsu is on his quest to find Igneel, his dragon foster father when he crosses paths with Lucy Hearfilia, a young woman with dreams of joining Fairy Tail, the most coveted mage’s guild.

Taking her under his wing, Natsu provides a home for Lucy within Fairy Tail, alongside new friends, with adventure soon to follow!

At first glance, Fairy Tail has aspects of manga like One Piece but quickly differentiates itself. The storylines stay fresh; each character has their purpose and connection with one another. Not to mention the comedy in this manga almost outweighs the adventure!

Join Natsu over at the guild in Fairy Tail Volume 1 here on Amazon: FAIRY TAIL 1

You can also get an 11 volume set (volumes 1 – 11) on Amazon: FAIRY TAIL Manga Box Set 1

10. Demon Slayer (Koyoharu Gotouge, 2016 – 2020)

Hailed as a modern wonder in the manga world, it didn’t take long for Demon Slayer to take off. 

Tanjiro Kamado had only heard rumors of evil-natured demons lurking in the darkness, until one day, his life came to a halt as his family was massacred by a demon, with him and his sister being the only survivors. However, his sister has now become a “semi” demon. She sometimes shows that she still has a spark of humanity in her, through the expression of thoughts and emotions.  

This adventure explores whether or not evil truly does exist or if it’s just something people use to label something they don’t understand.

As Tanjiro searches for answers to aid his younger sister, we experience what this world truly offers; humor, friendship, and a world full of life, showing that light can be found in the dark reaches of the night. Mixed with epic fight sequences that’ll make you jump out of your seat, Demon Slayer delivers the action-adventure you’ve been waiting for!

Experience what it takes to become a real demon slayer with volume 1over at Amazon: Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Vol. 1

A complete box set with volumes 1- 23 is also available here: Demon Slayer Complete Box Set: Includes volumes 1-23 with premium (Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba)

9. Made in Abyss (Akihito Tsukushi, 2012 – Present)

In one of the most fascinating stories featured on this list, we meet a young girl named Riko, living in a town called Orth, on the doorstep of the Abyss. 

The Abyss is a hole with an unimaginable depth, from which Riko believes her new robot friend, Reg, emerges. This sparks an adventure of a lifetime for our pair as they venture into the Abyss in search of Riko’s “Cave Raider” parents, believed to be lost within the Abyss.

With an absolutely beautiful and mesmerizing art style, you’ll fall in love with each panel. Paired with its fantastic polarizing characters that are made to hate or made to love, this manga will pull you emotionally.

Desperately needing to be included in this list, don’t let Made in Abyss pass you by!

Traverse the depths of the Abyss with volume 1 at Amazon today: Made in Abyss Vol. 1

8. Hunter x Hunter (Yoshihiro Togashi, 1998 – 2018 Currently on Hiatus) 

The perfect starting point for anyone interested in adventure manga, Hunter x Hunter hits every target. 

Following Gon Freecss, we embark on the dangerous adventure of becoming a licensed Hunter, a member of an elite society, to find his notorious father, Ging. Becoming a Hunter involves trials, knowledge, and honing new skills that may take a lifetime to control.

Fantastic characters with immersive backgrounds, lifelong friendships, and a genuinely interesting and different take on power and growth, this manga takes us on a journey through the main characters’ eyes as we explore their acts of revenge, wealth, and regrets.

Team up with Gon and tackle the Hunter exam yourself with volume 1 on Amazon here: Hunter x Hunter, Vol. 1

7. Vinland Saga (Makoto Yukimura, 2005 – Present)

Aimed more towards young adult men, Vinland Saga is a bloody and brutal tale of revenge. Taking place in 11th century Europe, we leave behind fantasy and take a step into a scarier, more realistic world. 

We follow a band of Viking mercenaries doing what they do best; murder and pillaging. Amongst these men is Thorfinn, a young Viking, and son of a great warrior, who is not enthusiastic about acts of random violence and plunder, has his eyes set on a different prize.

Vinland Saga is battle-hungry and doesn’t hold back in showing its thirst for blood. With complex, intertwined storylines and fantastic pacing giving each character time to be introduced and understood, this manga spares no details and can’t be missed.

You can check out volume 1 of this series here on Amazon: Vinland Saga 1

You can also get a huge set with volumes 1-11 here: Vinland Saga Manga Set

6. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (Hirohiko Araki, 1987 – Present, New Parts, Same Universe)

Search far and wide, and you’ll struggle to find a story with artwork as unique and outrageous as Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

One of the longest-running manga series, our story follows the Joestar bloodline and begins in Liverpool, England. Young Jonathan Joestar comes face to face with his new “brother,” Dio, and with tensions rising, fantastic action ensues, with even flashier adventures still to come.

With plenty of wild worlds, new powers, eccentric characters, and clothes so tight it’d make prime Arnold Schwarzenegger cringe, this whole series has enough to keep you hooked from page one!

Experience the Joestar hospitality with volume 1 over at Amazon: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Part 1-Phantom Blood, Vol. 1

A Collector’s Set with color pages (volumes 1-3) can be found here: Jojos Bizarre Adventure Part 1: Phantom Blood Vol 1-3 Books Collection Set

5. Dragon Ball (Akira Toriyama, 1984 – 1995)

Standing tall as arguably the most influential and recognized manga ever created, Dragon Ball follows our young Saiyan warrior Goku as he crash lands onto an unsuspecting Earth. 

Blessed with other-worldly power, Goku hones his skills in martial arts while searching for the seven magical Dragon Balls, meeting new friends and fearsome enemies along the way.

Initially focused heavily on humor, as the story progresses through Goku’s adolescence, we’re led into a world of mighty fighters and high stakes, opening the door to the Dragon Ball Z universe known world-over by all anime and manga fans.

Team up with Goku and hunt for the dragon balls with volume 1 on Amazon here: Dragon Ball, Vol. 1

There is also a set with volumes 1-16. You can check out the set here: Dragon Ball Complete Box Set: Vols. 1-16 with premium

4. Fullmetal Alchemist (Hiromu Arakawa, 2001 – 2010)

Easily in every manga fan’s top 10, Fullmetal Alchemist is a tragic yet uplifting story about the two Elric brothers, Edward and Alphonse.

In a world where Alchemists can manipulate and alter matter by using their natural energy, along with specially designed diagrams, we follow the naturally gifted brothers trying to rectify their biggest regret. 

This manga holds no punches; it’ll have you on the edge of your seats with action, laughing as if with friends, and then crying your heart out the next second (if you know, you know).

Fullmetal Alchemist simply cannot be missed, and the heaps of praise are deserved tenfold. It’ll take you on an emotional and fulfilling journey that you won’t forget.  

Start the tale of redemption and regret with the Elric brothers with the first volume here on Amazon: Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 1

You can also check out the complete box set of this manga here: Fullmetal Alchemist Complete Box Set (Fullmetal Alchemist Boxset)

3. Berserk (Kentaro Miura, 1989 – Present) 

A staple figure in manga today, Berserk introduces us to Guts, a mercenary fighter selling his skills as he travels the world. Also known as the “Black Swordsman,” Guts’ life has been tragic, full of death and despair to the point that his true goal now is revenge against the one who’s taken away the only light in his life.

Plagued by a relentless onslaught of demons, Guts deals with his problems the only way he knows how, with a sword in hand. Famed for its dark tone and detail-orientated art style, Berserk is a beautifully drawn masterpiece for fans of gothic horror. 

Passing the spotlight between ever-changing and developing characters, you never know what’s coming next. Do yourself a favor and read this manga if you haven’t yet.

Experience the life of the Black Swordsman here on Amazon with the first volume of this manga: Berserk, Vol. 1

There’s also a set with volumes 1-5 here: Berserk Volume 1-5 Collection 5 Books Set (Series 1) by Kentaro Miura

2. Naruto (Masashi Kishimoto, 1999 – 2014)

Sitting as one of the notorious “Big Three” in the manga and anime world, Naruto is a worldwide sensation, and rightfully so.

Naruto Uzumaki starts his journey trying to find friendship and recognition within his village, not knowing why he’s always struggled to form relationships. With hopes of becoming the leader of his village, the Hokage, Naruto begins his training as a ninja, alongside rival Sasuke Uchiha and friend Sakura Haruno.

The popularity of this manga is easy to understand. As the story progresses, we see our trio grow and branch out; we feel their pain and share in their victories like we’re a part of their team. The fights are powerful and emotionally driven. There is so much on the line that if our heroes lose, we, as readers, would feel crushed.  

Perhaps one of the manga that most die-hard fans have grown up with, Naruto is worth any ninja-fantasy adventurer’s time experiencing!

Learn the legend of the Nine-Tailed Fox with volume 1 of Naruto over at Amazon here: Naruto, Vol. 1: Uzumaki Naruto

1. One Piece (Eiichiro Oda, 1997 – Present)

Arguably the ultimate adventure manga series. Spanning over 20 years, with no signs of stopping, we follow Monkey D. Luffy on his swashbuckling quest to become the Pirate King! Along with his crew of Straw Hat Pirates, Luffy is seeking the “One Piece,” an ultimate treasure that’ll see him crowned king of the pirates.

With its engaging and entertaining world, full of lore and humanity, One Piece doesn’t just lean on its epic fights and understated humor. This wild adventure gives all; in-depth character development, power scaling, understandable (albeit not always legal) reasoning for the characters’ actions, and the overarching story that has captured generations.

Join Luffy on his quest to become the Pirate King with volume 1 here on Amazon: One Piece, Vol. 1: Romance Dawn

You can also get a massive set with volumes 1-23, but it’s not always available. You can check to see if they have some in stock here: One Piece Box Set: East Blue and Baroque Works, Volumes 1-23 (One Piece Box Sets)

A Quest Unfinished?

We’re never short of new adventure manga, but we’ve always got one ear to the ground to pick up on the next grand adventure!

Missing a tale that has to be heard? Let us know in the comments below if we’ve missed your favorite adventure manga!

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