The 15 Best Vampire Manga To Take A Bite Out Of

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Once in a blue moon, we find ourselves in the mood for this particular genre- immortal vampires draining the life of their helpless victims. It’s hard to resist the mysterious yet captivating presence of the vampires. That’s why you’re here, right? If you’ve stumbled across or purposefully searched for this list, you’ve come to the right place. 

Satiate your vampire manga craving by reading a series worth binging. This list dives into the best vampire manga of all time across a wide variety of genres. You’ll find romance, mystery, shounen, and more in our detailed list below; so, grab a cup of wine and enjoy the ride! 

15. Vampire Knight (Matsuri Hino, 2004 – 2013) 

Vampire Knight manga volume 1

Even before Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight saga was released in 2005, manga readers already had a glimpse into the vampire romance genre through Vampire Knight. Although there are no werewolves in this series, there are multiple Edward Cullens to choose from.  Vampire Knight, which was also adapted into a TV anime, secured a spot on our list for its gripping dark fantasy romance that even got me teary-eyed when I read it. 

Our heroine, the optimistic Yuki Cross, is a member of the disciplinary committee at the elite Cross Academy. An academy divided into two sections: the Day Class, for the humans, and the Night Class, for the bloodthirsty, gorgeous vampires. The Day Class students are oblivious that their classmates are vampires. 

When Yuki was a child, she was attacked by an evil vampire. If it weren’t for another vampire named Kaname Kuran, Yuki would be dead. Present-day, Kaname leads the Night Class, and because of Yuki’s position in the school, she’s able to meet her savior again. 

Alongside her vampire-hating childhood friend Zero Kiryu, Yuki spends her days maintaining order in the academy as the humans can not find out the truth about their immortal classmates. However, secrets start to spread in the academy, disrupting the sacred peace. Top it off with a love triangle between the leads and Yuki, and you have Vampire Knight in a nutshell. 

You can find volume 1 (and other volumes) here on Amazon: Vampire Knight, Volume 1

14. Devil’s Line (Ryo Hanada, 2013 – 2018) 

Devil's Line manga volume 1

Devil’s Line by Ryo Hanada is an exciting police series with a romance subplot. Because of the story’s interesting plot full of well-rounded characters, the series quickly stole a seat on this list. Unlike a world where vampires hide from society, Devil’s Line vampires coexist with humans and use their powers to catch villains. 

The story’s protagonist, 22-year-old college student Tsukasa Taira, learns about vampires through her close friend. Initially, Tsukasa is not afraid of vampires and treats them like regular humans until a rabid vampire attacks her. 

Luckily, she’s saved by a half-human, half-vampire special police officer named Yūki Anzai. Tsukasa is drawn to Anzai and soon realizes she’s fallen for the vampire. Anzai, reluctant to reciprocate Tsukasa’s feelings, fears that he’d hurt Tsukasa or, even worse, kill her. 

If you’re looking for a crime investigation series mixed with romance and vampires, read Devil’s Line. Trust me; you’ll end up binge-reading it in a day as I did. 

Check out volume 1 on Amazon here: Devils’ Line, 1

 13. Kekkai Sensen (Yasuhiro Nightow, 2009 – 2015) 

Kekkai Sensen manga volume 1

Author Nightow originally published Kekkai Sensen or Blood Blockade Battlefront as a one-shot chapter in 2008. However, due to popular demand, he ended up releasing more installations. A unique plot filled with action and urban fantasy, Kekkai Sensen is a manga worth bookmarking to read. 

Vampires, supernatural creatures, paranormal activities-this is Hellsalem’s Lot, formerly known as New York City.  Kekkai Sensen’s protagonist, Leonardo Watch, is a hobbyist photographer whose life is turned upside down after receiving new powers that allow him to see unearthly beings.

Leo takes a journey to Hellsalem’s Lot to seek answers and runs into the crime-fighting organization, Libra. After joining ranks with the peacekeeping organization, Leo finds out there’s more to Hellsalem’s Lot than meets the eye. If you want to find out what Leo finds, there’s only one way to find out!

You can get volume 1 on Amazon here: Blood Blockade Battlefront Volume 1

12. Midnight Secretary (Ohmi Tomu, 2006 -2009) 

Midnight Secretary manga volume 1

If you enjoy the cliche plot of a pompous boss falling in love with a perfectionist secretary, Midnight Secretary by Ohmi Tomu is right up your alley. What’s more, the snobbish yet charming boss is a vampire. Although this vampire manga has an overused plot, it still has a lot to offer from its clean art style, impressive storytelling, and excellent character development. 

Kaya Satozuka’s life turns inside out after she lands a position as the private secretary for Kyouhei Touma, the director of a tableware company. Even before meeting her new boss, Kaya’s already heard countless stories of Kyouhei’s charm with women and strictness with work. She’s prepared…or so she thought. 

What she didn’t expect to see was catching her boss sucking the blood off of a woman’s neck. Unfazed by the fact that her new boss is, in fact, a vampire, Kaya continues to work under Kyouhei and even ends up falling for him. Does Kyouhei feel the same way? Read Midnight Secretary to find out. 

Find volume 1 of Midnight Secretary here on Amazon: Midnight Secretary, Vol. 1

11. Bloody Mary (Akaza Samamiya, 2013 – 2017) 

Bloody Mary manga volume 1

Don’t let the BL (boys’ love) cover arts of Bloody Mary stop you from picking up Akaza Samamiya’s story about a vampire and soon-to-be exorcist. The captivating art style and well-crafted storyline are the two main factors why Bloody Mary is a must-read vampire series. 

Ichirou Rosario di Maria, Maria for short, is the grandson of a well-known exorcist famous for exorcising even the most powerful vampires. Vampires often attack Maria because of the tantalizing aroma of his blood. One day, he’s saved by a vampire who goes by the name Bloody Mary. And, unlike all the vampires Maria has met that want to suck his blood, Mary is different; he wants Maria to kill him. 

After a series of events, the 17-year old Maria and the red-head vampire Mary join forces. Mary agrees to become Maria’s bodyguard until he can unlock his dormant exorcising powers.  Bloody Mary is an exciting vampire series with BL undertones, perfect for fans of both genres. 

You can find volume 1 of this series on Amazon here: Bloody Mary, Vol. 1

10. Chibi Vampire (Yuna Kagesaki, 2003 – 2008) 

Chibi Vampire manga volume 1

Let’s take a break from bloodsucking vampires and enter the universe of Karin Māka, a teenage vampire with an unusual problem. Unlike the stereotypical immortal beings who need to suck blood to survive, Karin produces too much blood and needs to “share” her blood with her victims.  Chibi Vampire, serialized in Japan as Karin, is an entertaining romantic comedy that paints an entirely different picture of being a vampire. 

Our heroine, a quirky and bubbly teenage vampire, can go out during the day, sleep at night, and do everything a normal high school student her age does. However, from time to time, she needs to bite a person to infuse her blood into them. If she doesn’t, she’ll suffer extreme nosebleeds. 

Karin’s life has been normal until she meets the new transfer student, Kenta Usui. Karin notices her blood reservoir reacting whenever she’s even just a few feet away from the new student. To add to Karin’s troubles, she ends up working at the same part-time job as Kenta. Will Karin be able to keep her secret from Kenta? You’ll have to find out for yourself by reading the Chibi Vampire.

You can purchase volume 1 of Chibi Vampire on Amazon here:  Chibi Vampire, Vol. 1

9. Owari no Seraph (Takaya Kagami, 2012 – Present) 

Owari no Seraph manga volume 1

Imagine a world where a global pandemic wipes out half of humanity. What’s the catch? You’re saved if you’re below 13 years of age. Because of Owari no Seraph’s intriguing plot filled with villainous vampires and revenge-driven protagonists, it earned itself a place on this list. Plus, the global pandemic we’re currently facing brings it a bit closer to home for readers.

Owari no Seraph focuses on the orphan Yūichirō Hyakuya’s journey fueled by revenge. After an unidentified virus kills the human race, the remaining survivors were enslaved and became livestock for ravenous vampires that emerged from the darkness. 

Thoroughly unpleased with his and his friends’ current situation as blood banks for the heartless vampires, Yūichirō devises an escape plan that didn’t end well. Devastated that he was the only survivor that managed to escape, Yūichirō trudged through life and joined the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. His goal? Seek revenge for the heartless beings that slaughtered his family. 

Volume 1 can be found here on Amazon: Seraph of the End, Vol. 1: Vampire Reign

8. Trinity Blood (Kiyo Kyujyo, 2004 – 2018) 

Trinity Blood manga volume 1

If you’re looking for a vampire manga with a grand Baroque art style, Trinity Blood is for you. It skips the sparkly depiction of vampires and instead shows their true colors- bloodthirsty, immortal beings. The Trinity Blood adaptations – light novel, manga, and anime – rely on well-curated storytelling and likable characters. 

The series is set in a universe ravaged by a war between humans and vampires. The warring governments, the Vatican for the humans and Methuselah for the vampires, struggle to stand on equal footing. As humans try to survive in the predominantly vampire world, the Vatican, led by Abel Nightroad, do their best to protect them from the bloodsucking monsters. 

Despite the many years of turmoil and bloodshed, there are still those hoping for a world where humans and vampires can coexist in harmony. Can this naive dream be attained?  Trinity Blood is a post-apocalyptic series filled with intense fight scenes drawn in gothic style. There’s a reason why it made it on this list; find out for yourself.

You can find volume 1 of this manga on Amazon: Trinity Blood, Vol. 1

A set with books 1-7 can also be found here: Trinity Blood Paperback Set (Books 1-7)

7. Vampire Hunter D (Hideyuki Kikuchi, 2007 – 2014) 

Vampire Hunter D manga volume 1

Horror writer Hideyuki Kikuchi initially published Vampire Hunter D as a light novel series. In 2007, it got a manga adaptation published in seven languages. The series is filled with gore, grotesque artwork, bloodthirsty vampires, and well-written characters – easily claiming a spot as a masterpiece in the vampire genre. 

The novel was written in the third person point of view, which trickled down in the manga. As you read, you’ll get a personal input of each character’s motivation as to why they want to turn into a vampire. The protagonist of the series, a vampire hunter named D, lives in a medieval fantasy world in the year 12,090 AD. 

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, humanity is run by heartless vampires called Nobility. Villagers live their lives in fear that they too will be bitten and turn into a monster. All that humanity has on their side is the vampire hunter D. Can D protect the people he holds dear? If you’re a fan of gore and horror series, Vampire Hunter D is sure to get you hooked. 

Get volume 1 of this amazing series here on Amazon: Vampire Hunter D Omnibus: Book One

6. Vassalord (Nanae Chrono, 2006 – 2013) 

Vassalord manga volume 1

Vassalord is a highly-rated BL (boys’ love) vampire manga with a large following online. Despite its demographic mainly for young women, other viewers can still enjoy this series for its darker and more mature content. Two attractive immortal beings thirsting for each other’s blood; if that’s your cup of tea, Vassalord is tailormade for you. 

Vampire Charles Chrishunds, also known as Cherry, is half vampire and half cyborg. Unlike his bloodsucking peers, Cherry refuses to drink human blood and instead fights crime as a vampire hunter for the Vatican. His love interest and master is Johnny Rayflo, an affluent vampire playboy who loves seducing Cherry. 

The two immortal vampires have a strange relationship filled with constant bickering. Will Cherry be able to resist the temptation to suck human blood?  Vassalord beautifully captures the essence of immortality through the protagonists’ actions; these vampires paint a picture of the ups and downs of having lived hundreds of years. Add in the BL trope, and that’s Vassalord in a nutshell.

Get volume 1 of Vassalord on Amazon here: Vassalord Volume 1

5. Rosario + Vampire (Akihisa Ikeda, 2004 – 2007) 

Rosario + Vampire  manga volume 1

Known for its vibrant art style that clearly depicts fight scenes and characters’ emotions, Rosario to Vampire is not your everyday cliche harem. An intriguing plot, well-rounded characters, and, of course, a plethora of eye-candy 2-D girls- Akihasa Ikeda’s Rosario to Vampire has a lot going for it. 

Our story follows hapless teenager Tsukune Aono who can’t get into high school because of his bad grades. Driven by desperation, his parents enroll him in a private school that doesn’t require an entrance exam. However, Aono soon discovers the school’s darkest secret – it’s a boarding school for monsters learning to coexist with humans. 

On his way home from school, Aono crosses paths with Moka Akashiya, a beautiful girl with bright pink hair. Their encounter was far from ordinary as Moka bites and sucks Aono’s blood as a greeting. Hello to you too. The start of Aono’s harem begins after he decides to stay in the boarding school. He meets a succubus, a witch, and other magical beings. 

Will Aono be able to keep the fact that he’s a human a secret from the rest of his classmates? He has no choice. If they find out, he’s dead. 

You can find volume 1 here on Amazon: Rosario+Vampire, Vol. 1

A complete box set with 24 volumes is also available here: Rosario+Vampire Complete Box Set: Volumes 1-10 and Season II Volumes 1-14 with Premium

4. Lunar Legend Tsukihime (Sasaki Shōnen, 2003 – 2010) 

Lunar Legend Tsukihime manga volume 1

In Lunar Legend Tsukihime, readers are transported to the fictional Japanese town Misaki to witness the tragic life of Shiki Tohno, an ordinary teenage boy with a dark secret. This vampire story is a classic dark fantasy series with a strong gothic plotline mixed with romance and horror. 

The year is 1999. As a young boy, Shiki has a near-death experience that awakens a terrifying ability within him – he can now see the invisible threads of life, called “death lines.” Whenever these invisible connecting threads break, the human or thing attached to it dies. If Shiki cuts these threads for whatever reason, death awaits the bearer. 

Scared of his new powers, Shiki wears special glasses to block his ability. Sadly, his family doesn’t accept him and excommunicates him. The poor boy tries to live a normal life but fails miserably. He accidentally kills a woman on one of his psychotic lapses to add to his problems. Luckily, that woman is a vampire. Shiki ends up working with the vampire princess Arcueid Brunestud as they try to unearth secrets from their pasts.

Check out volume 1 on Amazon here: Lunar Legend Tsukihime Volume 1

3. The Case Study of Vanitas (Jun Mochizuki, 2015 – Present) 

The Case Study of Vanitas manga volume 1

Fashionable vampires, 19th century Paris, steampunk aesthetics – put those three together, and you have The Case Study of Vanitas.  This highly loved vampire series by Jun Mochizuki is a dark fantasy series filled with mystery and action. Step into the world of Vanitas, a human bit by a vampire, who fights to cure the bloodsucking creatures of their curse. 

The Case Study of Vanitas is a vampire tale centering on two things; curse and salvation. The great Vanitas is blessed with the Book of Vanitas, which is believed to restore a rabid vampire’s bloodlust. During one of Vanitas’ excursions, he meets Noé Archiviste, a vampire searching for the fated Book of Vanitas. The unlikely pair end up working together to help rid the world of bloodthirsty vampires. 

You can check out volume 1 on Amazon: The Case Study of Vanitas, Vol. 1

2. Hellsing (Kouta Hirano, 1997 – 2008) 

Hellsing manga volume 1

It’s not every day you see an immortal vampire with extraordinary regeneration abilities fighting alongside the good guys.  Hellsing is an action-packed vampire series loved by many for its superb writing brought to life with Kouta Hirano’s unique art style. Vampires, ghouls, 19th century England – once you pick up Hellsing, there’s no turning back. 

The series centers on the powerful vampire Alucard as he fights monsters, ghouls, and other vampires like him under the Hellsing Organization. He’s an anti-hero with quite a character. The organization Alucard works for has one sole mission: destroy every supernatural creature that threatens the queen and the country of England. 

If you want to get a feel of the story, you can watch the 13-episode original TV anime adaptation. 

Check out volume 1 on Amazon here: Hellsing, Vol. 1

You can also get a beautiful, deluxe, hardcover edition here: Hellsing Deluxe Volume 1

A set with 3 volumes of the deluxe, hardcover edition is also available here: Hellsing Deluxe Set Vol 1-3 by Kohta Hirano

If you’re looking for a the original books, a set of 10 volumes can be found here: Hellsing Graphic Novel Set Vol.1-10

1. Bakemonogatari (Nisio Isin, 2018 – Present) 

Bakemonogatari  manga volume 1

The highly-rated Bakemonogatari series by Nisio Isin is a must-read for all vampire fanatics. Despite introducing quite a few characters, each one of them has depth. Readers get a taste of their fears, hopes, aspirations, and dreams. A unique plot and well-rounded characters are just two of the many reasons why Bakemonogatori is worth reading. 

The story’s protagonist is Koyomi Araragi – a third-year high school student turned vampire. Thanks to the help of Meme Oshino, a middle-aged recluse, Koyomi was miraculously able to reverse his vampirism and return to normal. As much as our protagonist tries to live a normal life, he meets supernatural girls with peculiar problems. 

The Bakemonogatari series follows Koyomi’s adventures uncovering secrets about the people he once thought were normal. Will Koyomi be able to help these girls? With over 15 volumes in circulation, there’s a lot to find out about Koyomi and his friends. The only way to find out is by picking up the series! 

Get volume 1 here on Amazon: BAKEMONOGATARI, Part 1: Monster Tale

A set of the monogatari series can also be found here: MONOGATARI Series Box Set Season 1


The best time to enjoy a juicy vampire manga is when you’re craving for it – just like the immortal beings anticipating their first sip of human blood. What’s your favorite vampire manga? Let us know in the comments below! 

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