An illustration of four anime style girls, each in a different color of shirt and hair (blonde, light brown/pinkish, brown, light blue).

The 15 Best Harem Manga To Fantasize Over

A popular genre in Japanese media is having one male protagonist surrounded by a sea of beautiful women; a harem, yes, you’ve guessed correctly. Generally, a harem refers to one guy and multiple girls, while a reverse harem is one girl and numerous men. Japanese authors continue to dish out new harem series because of … Read more

An illustration of a Japanese samurai in a brown outfit with a large round hat, standing in the middle of a green field with samurai swords sticking out of the ground around him. Brown particles that appear to be leaves are seen falling from the sky.

The 15 Best Samurai Manga That Cuts Deep

One of the best ways to learn about feudal Japan and periods such as Edo and Meiji is through the eyes of a samurai. What comes to mind when you hear the word samurai? For most, it’s probably a swordsman wearing a kimono with their hair combed neatly into a tight ponytail.  Until today, many … Read more

An illustration of a girl wearing a red skirt/top with grey stockings. She has dirty blonde hair and is in a forest area with trees and plants, and also concrete looking structures.

The 10 Best Josei Manga You’ll Never Forget

If you’re burnt out from the unrealistic romances of shoujo manga where a meek high school girl falls for the resident bad boy, maybe it’s time to give josei manga a try. The term josei translates to “young woman,” hence these comics cater to older women’s interests.  Josei manga touches on more mature topics that shoujo mangas can’t.  A manga in this demographic portrays realistic … Read more

An illustration of a boy sitting on the ground in front of a closet in what appears to be a abandoned building. The doors on the closet are slightly open, with many hands reaching out of it, with the inside of the closet glowing red orange.

The 15 Best Vampire Manga To Take A Bite Out Of

Once in a blue moon, we find ourselves in the mood for this particular genre- immortal vampires draining the life of their helpless victims. It’s hard to resist the mysterious yet captivating presence of the vampires. That’s why you’re here, right? If you’ve stumbled across or purposefully searched for this list, you’ve come to the … Read more

An illustration of Japanese food on plates on a table. There is sashimi, sushi, okonomiyaki, curry and rice, tonkatsu, rice balls, ramen, and soup in bowls with sauces on a table.

The 10 Best Cooking Manga That Will Make You Hungry

You can understand a lot about a nation’s roots and history through their cuisine. In Japan, cooking is considered an art form; it is handled and served with utmost finesse. Because food plays such a vital role in Japanese culture, you’ll see traces of it in their popular media like manga and anime. Whether you’re … Read more

An illustration of many books flying through space like asteroids, with a young boy standing on an open book and flying through the books.

The 15 Best Beginner Manga to Start Your Addiction

Diving into the vast world of manga, or Japanese comic books, is an exciting adventure. If you are new to manga and are wondering which title to choose, you’ve come to the right place. This list features the 15 best manga for beginners, with many different genres for everyone to enjoy.  If you’re looking for … Read more

A close-up of a man and woman embracing while sitting on a beach with the ocean and sunset in the background. The phone is taken from behind the couple.

The 20 Best Japanese Dramas of All Time

Have you watched a show that just captivated you? Whether it was an iconic anime, manga, or drama that got you hooked on the very first episode, you’re always left wanting more; it’s an addiction. Over the years, Japan has produced superb dramas that have captivated audiences worldwide. We’ll share with you the best 20 … Read more