Osaka Station City: Shopping and Food Galore!

The new Osaka Station City opened in 2011. The architects replaced a crowded and boring train station with a light and airy building complex.

It’s now considered one of the most attractive train stations in Japan.

It’s not just the station that’s been updated. The surrounding area looks great as well. As part of the station’s development, the North Gate and South Gate buildings also got a face-lift.

The new Osaka Station City complex offers something for everyone. It’s a convenient shopping, dining, and entertainment area… with lots of spaces to enjoy a quiet moment.

While the emphasis is on shopping, particularly fashion, there are lots of things to keep you busy here.



What You Can Do at Osaka Station City

Osaka Station Clock



The Osaka Station City complex consists of two buildings and a bridge between them.

You’ll find lots of shopping, dining, and even a few park-like areas in the complex.

We’ll start our tour with one of those park-like areas – the Toki no Hiroba bridge.


Toki no Hiroba

Toki no Hiroba Osaka

Toki no Hiroba Osaka – sepavone/

The Toki no Hiroba bridge lets you walk right over the top of the railway tracks.

It connects the North and South sides of the Station. The glass walls let you watch the trains as they come and go.

You have lots of benches to rest on. It’s the perfect place to relax after a long day of shopping or coming into the station on a long train ride.

The name comes from the two ornamental clocks in the center of the bridge (toki means time). One clock is gold, and the other is silver.

The clocks make great places to meet up with your friends. You won’t have any trouble seeing them.


North Gate Building

Osaka Station North Gate Tower

Osaka Station North Gate Tower – TKKurikawa/

The 28th floor of the North Gate Building has a department store and a cinema complex.

You can also enjoy two open-air plazas on top of the building. They offer the perfect place for relaxing.

Let’s begin our tour with the largest stores in the building – the Lucua stores.


The Lucua and Lucua 1100 Department Stores

Osaka City Station Lucua

Osaka City Station Lucua – TKKurikawa/

Lucua stands for “Life, Urban, Current, Axis.”

The JR West company (the same as the trains you ride on) runs these stores. These two stores take up the largest part of the building.

The stores specialize in fashion. Fashion fills floors 2 – 7 (and takes up more space then any other stores).

Book lovers rave about the large bookstore on the 9th floor… but you’ll probably have trouble finding books in English. The cafe in its center is a nice place to take a break.

Lucua 1100’s numbers are pronounced “ii-re” – a nod to “ihre,” which means “you’re” in German. This store is run by Isetan and JR West.


The Two Wings

There used to be two department stores in the North Gate Building – Lucua and the Mitsukoshi-Isetan Department Store.

Lucua 1100 replaced the Isetan store. The two malls are now separate wings of the same department store.

Each wing has a different focus, but the two merge together. They combine dining spaces on the 10th floor and in the basement.

Despite the re-branding, you’ll still see a few Isetan brand shoes and accessories on the basement floor. You’ll see their cosmetics on the 2nd floor and clothing on the 4th and 8th floors.


FashionOsaka Shopping

Both stores specialize in fashion. They offer a few unique brands you won’t find anywhere else in Osaka.

Another unusual thing about the stores: they’re aimed at young couples. Men’s and women’s clothes appear on the same floors. This makes it quite easy for couples to shop together.



Osaka Food Choices


The 10th floor is a combined dining hall. It offers a wide selection of restaurants – including Japanese and foreign favorites.

There’s also a food hall in the basement with fresh food, groceries, a bakery.


The Barchia Section

Foodies love the “barchia” section of the basement.

You’ll find a selection of casual dining options… including, of all things, a Mexican chicken stand!

You’ll also find the Lucua information stall here. It has a variety of information for foreign visitors.

Foreign tourists can go here for information on how to claim their taxes back from the 220 tax-free stores in the mall.


Osaka Station City CinemaMovie Cinemas

The cinema on the 11th floor has 12 screens and a total of 2,564 seats.

The cinema shows mostly domestic films, but it has a good showing of International films as well. They offer both dubbed and subtitled options for major releases.

They’re quite proud to be barrier-free. People with special needs won’t have any trouble enjoying a movie here.


For More Information

Osaka Station City Cinema Showtimes (Japanese only)


Konami Sports ClubWorking out Gym

You’ve climbed up and down temple stairs across Osaka.

You’ve walked through shopping malls bigger than most office buildings.

Do you still need more exercise… even after all that?

Osaka Station City has you covered!

The Konami Sports Club is open to casual visitors. You can buy a day pass for a relatively small fee.

Head to the 11th floor to pay, and then make your way to the 12th and 13th floors.

You’ll get access to lots of gym equipment, a swimming pool, hot baths, and studio space.



  • Monday to Friday: 10:00am – 11:00pm
  • Saturday: 10:00am – 8:00pm
  • Sunday: 10:00am – 8:00pm


Plazas in the North Building

Carillion Plaza

Carillion Plaza Osaka Station

Carillion Plaza Osaka Station –

This plaza is the continuation of the walkway from Osaka Station to Hankyu Umeda Station.

The plaza is named for the Carillon Clock you’ll see in the plaza. It’s decorated with bells that chime on the hour.

The plaza is on the 2nd floor of the East side of the North Gate building. It’s a major thoroughfare for commuters.

It also offers opportunities to relax. There are benches, some flowerpots, and a pricey cafe.


  • 4:30pm – 1:00am


Yawaragi no Niwa

The Yawaragi no Niwa (peaceful garden) is a traditional Japanese garden.

You’ll see carefully pruned pine trees, sculpted moss, and some interesting rock features. You can sit on the stone benches in the garden and enjoy the view over Northern Osaka.

It’s on the North Gate building’s 10th floor. It’s not far from Lucua’s dining area. The garden makes a great place to meet before a meal – or to continue the conversation later.


  • 7:00am – 11:00pm


Kaze no Hiroba

Kaze no Hiroba (the garden of wind) is on the 11th floor. It’s accessible from Yawaragi no Niwa by a staircase.

This long terrace extends almost the entire length of the building. It features beautiful flowers, lots of trees in pots, umbrellas, benches, and a small water feature.

It’s a great place to get some fresh air or simply take in the view.


  • 7:00am – 12:00am


Tenku no Nouen

Tenku no Nouen (sky farm) is a high-rise garden with a difference.

Instead of ornamental plants and flowers, this garden features vegetables!

Another major difference – although it’s on the 14th floor, you get to it by a staircase from the 11th floor. Luckily, there are plenty of benches in the garden so you can recover from the climb.

Tenku no Nouen is part of an initiative to reconnect city residents with their agricultural roots. Select people in the community take part in planting, harvesting, and other tasks throughout the year.

They generally don’t allow foreign visitors to take part. Even so, you might enjoy this relaxing in this unusual vegetable garden… and perhaps even discover some new (to you) vegetables!


  • 7:00am – 9:00pm


The South Gate Building

Osaka Station South Gate Tower

Osaka Station South Gate Tower – TKKurikawa/

The South Gate Building has 27 floors.

The Hotel Granvia takes up the majority of them. The hotel offers guests a truly convenient place to stay – it’s inside Western Japan’s biggest train station!

The Daimaru store is the South Gate building’s only shopping option. Both Daimaru and the Hotel Granvia have dining options.


Daimaru Department Store

Daimaru Department Store Osaka

Daimaru Department Store – TKKurikawa/

The Daimaru store gives you an updated version of the classic Japanese department store experience.

It renovated and reopened in 2011 along with the rest of Station City.

They made sure it’s a comfortable place to shop. The wide aisles let you browse without feeling crowded.

There’s an information counter on the 1st floor. It provides general information about the store. The tax exemption counter on the 2nd floor helps you reclaim taxes on things you bought in the store.

If you’ve been in Japan for less than a month, show your passport to the staff at either counter for a discount coupon.


For More Information

Daimaru Umeda Department Store Homepage


Specialty Stores

Fashion dominates the shopping floors… but a few specialty stores really set Daimaru apart.

Here are a few of my favorites:


The Pokémon Center

Pokemon Store Osaka

Pokemon Store Osaka – TKKurikawa/

The Pokémon Center sells over 2,500 Pokémon related items.

They include a few things you can only buy in the store. The store even teaches classes in the Pokémon card game classroom.

You’ll find the store on the 13th floor of the Daimaru shopping Center.


  • 10:00am – 8:00pm


For More Information

Pokemon Center Osaka Page



Uniqlo Osaka Store

Uniqlo Store in Osaka – jovannig/

Uniqlo is popular for a reason.

They sell quality clothes at very reasonable prices. You won’t find any brand name goods or cutting edge fashion here, but it’s a good place to buy basic wardrobe items.

Westerners love to shop in the Uniqlo store. The store offers a larger range of sizes than most Japanese stores.

Uniqlo sits directly across from the Pokémon center on the 13th floor.


Tokyu Hands

Tokyo Hands in Tokyo

Tokyo Hands sign in Japan – rixipix/

The Tokyu Hands store sells a wide variety of items.

They include crafts, cooking items, and ingredients you won’t find anywhere else. These types of things are usually more for residents than for tourists – but it’s still worth a look.

The store is on floors 10 -12.


  • 10:00am – 9:00pm


For More Information

Tokyu Hands Umeda Store Page


The Sanrio Store

Sanrio Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty    – tanuha2001/

Hello Kitty fans love this place.

The Sanrio store sells stationery, snacks, toys, and household appliances. They all feature Sanrio characters.

Hello Kitty is far and away the most popular among them, and you’ll find goods here you can’t find anywhere else.

People often call this place the “Hello Kitty” store.

The “Hello Kitty” store is on the fifth floor of the building.


  • 10:00am – 8:30pm
  • Friday & Saturday:  10:00am – 9:00pm


For More Information

Sanrio Daimaru Umeda Store Page


The Dining FloorJapan Food - Awesome Beef

Most giant department stores in Japan have a dining floor.

Daimaru’s is on the 14th floor. You get to choose from among sixteen different places to eat – and the ones I’ve tried are quite good!

They serve a variety of Japanese and International foods. Your choices include French, Italian, Spanish, and buffet restaurants.

There’s even a restaurant serving Kyoto-style food for you to try.


The Food Hall

You’ll find “feast paradise,” Daimaru’s food hall, in the basement.

The selection isn’t as good as some of the other stores in the area, but you’ll find all the staples here. You can buy sushi, bento, deli dishes, and groceries. The basement also has a bakery.


For More Information

Daimaru Umeda Dining Spaces Page


Hotel Granvia

Hotel Granvia’s location inside Osaka Station makes it convenient for travelers. They also offer some world-class food.

The hotel’s eight restaurants are all open to non-guests. All eight have an English menu.

Your dining choices include:

  • French and Italian fusion
  • Teppanyaki
  • A formal Japanese restaurant with halal dishes
  • Several other types of Japanese food
  • A fantastic breakfast buffet
  • A really cool bar
  • A cafe serving pastries and desserts


For More Information or to Check Rooms for Availability:

Hotel Granvia – (Recommending for booking hotels in Japan)

Hotel Granvia – (Sometimes has rooms available when other sites say they are fully booked)



The Taiyo-no-hiroba (sun plaza) gets sunlight most of the day.

The plaza is actually a series of south-facing terraces. You’ll see a few benches, a cafe, and some plants on these terraces. It’s a nice place to relax when the weather gets warm.

A beer garden operates here during the summer. You can sip a cold one and relax after a long trip into town or a long day of shopping.

To get to the plaza, you have to climb from the 15th to the 17th floors of the South Gate building. You definitely might need that beer by the time you get there!


  • 10:00am – 11:00pm daily


Information Booths

You probably won’t have any trouble finding something to do in the Station City complex.

However, if you do run into any issues, you’ll find helpful information booths on both sides of the bridge.


North Side

The information booth on the North side of the bridge has English and Chinese-speaking staff.

They can give you info about shopping, dining, and entertainment in Osaka Station City. They’ll also help you find lost items, and they sell audio guides to the station complex for 500 yen.


  • 10:00am – 8:00pm daily


South Side

The Tourist Information Booth on the South End of the Bridge offers a number of services.

These services include:

  • Multi-lingual touch screens with maps and info about the surrounding area
  • An ATM that accepts most foreign credit/bank cards
  • Luggage delivery service


  • 8:00am – 8:00pm daily


Is Osaka Station City Worth Visiting?Outside of Osaka Station

It depends.

I wouldn’t make a special trip here just to go shopping… unless there’s something specific you’re looking for in one of the shops.

Having said that, you will find yourself here at some point if you travel through Osaka. The complex gives you quite a few fun ways to pass the time while you wait for your connecting train or bus.

I love relaxing in the plazas when I’m waiting for a train. The plazas really set Osaka Station City apart from the other shopping complexes in the area.

Also, a few of the restaurants in the complex offer some fantastic food. I could see a serious foodie making a special trip to the station just to check them out.


Getting to Osaka Station CityShin-Osaka Bullet Train Sign

You won’t have any trouble getting to Osaka Station City.

Lots of trains, buses, and subways take you right to the complex. Osaka Station is the largest transportation hub in Western Japan!


By Japan Rail

The JR station serves a large number of local trains. It also serves trains that go to Kobe, Nara, Himeji, Tottori, and Gifu – to name just a few places.

You can transfer to the Hanshin and Hankyu lines through Hanshin and Hankyu Umeda stations. Both stations sit right down the street.


For More Information

To check train schedules and routes: Homepage


By Subway

You can also transfer to the subway from Osaka Station.

Stations in the area include Umeda Station (Midosuji Line), Nishi-Umeda (Yotsubashi Line), and Higashi-Umeda (Tanimachi Line).


For More Information

Osaka Metro Homepage


By Bus

Japan Highway Bus Center Nagoya

Japan Highway Bus Center in Nagoya – TKKurikawa/

Osaka Station is also a highway bus terminal.

On the North side of the 1st floor, the bus terminal has a small waiting room and a ticketing desk.

The highway buses offer a cheap alternative to trains. You can save the cost of a hotel room by taking an overnight bus.

Buses from Osaka Station go to:

  • Nagoya
  • Shizuoka
  • Tokyo
  • Kanazawa
  • Toyama.
  • Nagano
  • Kobe
  • Arima-onsen
  • Okayama
  • Hiroshima
  • Izumo
  • Tokushima
  • Takamatsu
  • Matsuyama
  • Kochi


For More Information

Osaka Station Highway Bus Information Page


Airport Limousine Buses

Kansai International Airport Bus

Kansai International Airport Bus – TKKurikawa/

Please note:  The buses to the airport don’t leave from Osaka Station.

However, you can catch the bus at the nearby Herbis Osaka Bus Stop.

Or you canto go to Namba OCAT to catch the airport bus. But going from Osaka Station to Namba is quite easy (just avoid riding the trains or subways during rush hours)!


For More Information

Herbis Osaka Bus Stop Information 

Namba OCAT Airport Limousine Bus Information



Osaka Station Taxis

Taxis waiting at Osaka Station – TKKurikawa/

You can catch a taxi right outside the Sakurabashi Gate.

Osaka Station is very easy to reach. You can get to the station from just about anywhere in Japan!


What Do You Want to See or Do in Osaka Station City?Osaka Station Shops

Would you like to try some of the fantastic restaurants? Is there a specific store you want to visit? Would you like to shop ‘till you drop, or are you more interested in relaxing in the plazas? Let us know in the comments.

Also, please let us know if you’ve already been to Osaka Station City. What did you like or dislike about the place? Which store or restaurant was your favorite?

Don’t forget to share this article with your shopping buddies. You may have just found your next giant department store to check out!


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