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Japanesepod101 is the best program I have used to learn natural Japanese.  Not only is there a ton of material for all levels (absolute beginner to advanced), but the price is one of the best deals out there for learning Japanese.  You can check out my detailed Japanesepod101 review to why I think it’s the best.

However, if you’re thinking about getting a premium membership, you don’t have to pay the full price!

Here are some of the best discounts and deals you can find for Japanesepod101.


 1.  Huge 65% Discount on Basic or Premium Membership

This is the biggest discount I have seen Japanesepod101 offer.  They usually offer discounts at certain times of the year that range from 15% – 30%, and very rarely, a 50% discount.  However, this discount coupon will get you at 65% discount off of any basic or premium membership.

Discount Coupon Here:  65% Off Basic or Premium Memberships


2.  Save 20% Off Premium PLUS Memberships

The coupon above is only for the basic and premium memberships.  If you want to sign-up for a premium PLUS membership (offers everything in the premium membership plus 1-on-1 access to  Japanese teacher on their site),  then this is discount you want.  In all honesty, I think this option is expensive, and I think the normal premium membership is the best value…especially if you use the 65% discount!

Discount Code Here:  Save 20% Off a Premium Plus Membership


3.   Japanesepod Lifetime Membership Deal

This in itself isn’t a discount, but if you plan on studying Japanese for a while, getting the lifetime membership is probably the best deal.  This is especially true if you’re a beginner and have a lot to learn.  When I first signed up to Japanesepod101, I paid monthly for over 2 years.  Even though my Japanese was at a high-intermediate level at that time, I knew I was going to study the material on their site for years to come.  So I quit my monthly payments and just got the lifetime membership.  Now I don’t have to worry about my membership expiring and can access the site anytime I want.  Keep in mind that this is for a premium membership (not premium PLUS).

For some reason, this lifetime membership is not really advertised on their site.  In fact, you have to hunt to find the page to access the lifetime deal.  I found it by chance, and was glad I did!

Lifetime Membership Here:  Japanesepod101 Lifetime Membership Deal


4.  Save 77% With 3 Language Lifetime Membership

If you want to learn other languages besides Japanese, you can save 77% off the full price if you sign-up for 3 language lifetime memberships.  Or if you are really ambitious, you can get the lifetime membership to all 34 of their langauges!

Multiple Language Membership Here:  Save 77% on 3 Language Lifetime Membership



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