A long, wooden platform (path) cutting through a large field of green vegetation at Kushiro Shitsugen National Park.

Kushiro, Hokkaido: Visit While You Can

Kushiro is known as “The Town of Mist” due to its atmospheric weather. The fourth largest city in Hokkaido is well known for its natural attractions. Kushiro Marsh is the only known habitat of the endangered red-crowned crane. Lake Akan, a volcanic crater, is one of the few places in the world where the marimo … Read more

Asahidake with Ropeway Station taken from afar. The sun is setting in the sky.

Asahikawa: Experience The Best of Summer in Hokkaido

Summer in Hokkaido has a lot to offer. The prefecture’s gentle summer climate is perfect for flowers; tourists flock to the colorful displays. Outdoor enthusiasts can’t get enough of Hokkaido’s national parks. They love the active volcanoes and gorgeous lakes.  This article focuses on summer attractions you can easily reach from Asahikawa. We suggest using … Read more

Otaru Coastline Cliffs in front of the ocean in Sapporo.

Explore Hokkaido: Awesome Sapporo Day Trips

If you visit Sapporo, don’t limit yourself to the activities within the city. While there are many fun things to do in town, there’s even more to discover in the nearby area.Mt. Teine, an Olympic ski field visible from Sapporo, is a must-visit in winter. The historic town of Otaru offers scenic canals and warehouses. … Read more

People skiing atop a high hill overlooking buildings and the ground below. A snow covered mountain is in the background.

Niseko: A Winter Wonderland for Skiers

If your idea of heaven is miles and miles of fresh powder, Niseko is the place for you. The ski and snowboard resort is popular for several good reasons.  Niseko’s winter coincides with summer in the southern hemisphere. This makes the resort popular with Australians.  Many have settled in Niseko and started their own businesses. … Read more

The front of the Old Government Building in Sapporo, with a sign in the front that says "WELCOME! HOKKAIDO"

What to Do in Sapporo: A Year-Round Guide

The majority of Sapporo’s visitors come in winter for the city’s famous Snow Festival. Even if your schedule doesn’t allow you to visit in winter, don’t pass up a chance to see this beautiful city.  Sapporo has a lot to offer. The historical village gives you insight into Hokkaido’s pioneering past. The iconic markets offer … Read more

A huge snow sculpture of a big building with pillars around. At the bottom of this sculpture are ice pieces that have been illuminated with different colors (blue, pink, yellow).

Things to Do in Sapporo: Amazing Ice Sculptures, Food, and Fun

Sapporo has a lot to offer. It’s the Prefectural Capital of Hokkaido and Japan’s fifth largest city.  Thanks to Hokkaido’s reputation as a skiing and snowboarding paradise, most people visit Sapporo just for the winter sports. This is a shame! Even during Hokkaido’s harsh winter, it’s worth spending some time exploring Sapporo. You don’t want … Read more