A cute, young, Asian girl holding a half an orange in her right hand and showing the number one with her pointer finger on her left hand

The Most Useful Japanese Counters You Need to Know

Along with kanji and onomatopoeia, counting is an element of Japanese that seems daunting due to the sheer amount of words involved. There seems to be a counter for everything—in fact, the Japanese language has about 500 – 600 counters! (reference page is in Japanese only) Even native speakers will confess they don’t know all of them. … Read more

Japanese Counting System Kanji Chart (numbers 1 - 10)

How to Count in Japanese – Numbers You’ll Actually Use

Normal Counting – Sino-Japanese Number Japanese – Romaji Kanji Hiragana Katakana 0 rei, zero 零 れい、ぜろ レイ、ゼロ 1 ichi 一 いち イチ 2 ni 二 に ニ 3 san 三 さん サン 4 yon, shi 四 よん、し ヨン、シ 5 go 五 ご ゴ 6 roku 六 ろく ロク 7 nana, shichi 七 なな、しち ナナ、シチ 8 … Read more