A young man with glasses has two open books on top of his head. He is looking up at them and screamign with both of his hands up.

Top 5 Mistakes Everyone Makes Learning Japanese

Why Can’t I Learn Japanese? Have you been studying Japanese for months or years and feel like you’re not improving at all? Or do you feel like studying is pointless because you don’t really learn anything useful?  If this is you (and I’m sure most of us have felt this way studying Japanese), there is … Read more

A young woman with long brown hair is carrying a laptop/note in her hands in front of her. She looks scared or shy.

How to Speak to People in Japanese if You’re Shy

How to Practice Speaking Japanese if You’re Shy What if I’m too afraid or shy to speak Japanese with anyone?  This is an issue that many people have.  It can be difficult speaking to someone in a totally different language, especially if you’re a beginner.  You don’t know many words and grammar patterns, so you … Read more

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Trouble Learning Japanese: Answers to Common Problems and Concerns

Chapter IV:  Common Questions and Frustrations About Studying Japanese You’ll probably have lots of questions about learning Japanese.  How long does it take to learn Japanese?  Can I become fluent in Japanese in 3 months?  What if I’m too shy to speak to anyone? In chapter 4 of the best way to learn Japanese guide, … Read more

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How to Practice Speaking Japanese Alone

5 Ways to Practice Speaking Japanese on Your Own If you have already read our “best way to learn Japanese” guide, then you know that I highly recommend you practice speaking Japanese with a teacher or tutor. There are so many great Japanese teachers online now that it’s easy to find someone who you can … Read more