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The Best FREE Resources for Learning Japanese

Did you know that it’s possible to learn Japanese for free? All you need is an internet connection, some note-taking tools, and the desire to study. In this article, we’ll share the best resources for learning Japanese—completely free of charge! If you want more, check out our complete list of learning Japanese resources. Free Resources … Read more

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Learning Japanese for Beginners: A Complete Guide

How to Learn Japanese for Beginners In this guide, you’ll find all of the resources you need to go from a beginner to a low-intermediate level of Japanese. While this guide is for beginners, it assumes you already know the basic fundamentals of Japanese.  If this is your first time learning Japanese, check out our … Read more

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Top 5 Mistakes Everyone Makes Learning Japanese

Why Can’t I Learn Japanese? Have you been studying Japanese for months or years and feel like you’re not improving at all? Or do you feel like studying is pointless because you don’t really learn anything useful?  If this is you (and I’m sure most of us have felt this way studying Japanese), there is … Read more

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The Best Way to Learn Japanese: 15 Ways To Supercharge Your Learning

What is the best way to learn Japanese?  If you want to know how to learn Japanese fast and efficiently, this list of 15 tips will show you exactly how to do that.  The methods covered in this guide are a collection of advice from Japanese teachers, people who have gained fluency in a second … Read more

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Where to Start Learning Japanese

Chapter II:  Where to Start Learning Japanese In this chapter, we’ll show you what you should study for each level.  If you don’t know where to start learning Japanese, this guide will help you. Absolute Beginners If you have never studied Japanese before, you’re in for a treat. The beginning of your journey to learn … Read more

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How to Speak to People in Japanese if You’re Shy

How to Practice Speaking Japanese if You’re Shy What if I’m too afraid or shy to speak Japanese with anyone?  This is an issue that many people have.  It can be difficult speaking to someone in a totally different language, especially if you’re a beginner.  You don’t know many words and grammar patterns, so you … Read more

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Trouble Learning Japanese: Answers to Common Problems and Concerns

Chapter IV:  Common Questions and Frustrations About Studying Japanese You’ll probably have lots of questions about learning Japanese.  How long does it take to learn Japanese?  Can I become fluent in Japanese in 3 months?  What if I’m too shy to speak to anyone? In chapter 4 of the best way to learn Japanese guide, … Read more

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How to Practice Speaking Japanese Alone

5 Ways to Practice Speaking Japanese on Your Own If you have already read our “best way to learn Japanese” guide, then you know that I highly recommend you practice speaking Japanese with a teacher or tutor. There are so many great Japanese teachers online now that it’s easy to find someone who you can … Read more

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How to Learn Japanese: A Guide for Absolute Beginners

If you want to learn Japanese but have no idea where to start or what to study, this guide is for you. So let’s get started! 7 Steps to Start Mastering the Japanese Language If you are beginning your journey to learn Japanese, an exciting world awaits you. With Japanese, you’ll be able to live and … Read more