The katakana character "o" is shown on the left side of the image. On the right, a girl's hand can be seen writing the katakana characters "a, i, u, e, o" in different colors of ink with a pen on the right.

The Complete Guide to Learning Katakana Step-By-Step

カタカナ (katakana) is one of the fundamental components of the Japanese writing system. ひらがな (hiragana) and 漢字 (kanji) are the other two Japanese writing systems. If you want to learn all of the katakana for free, this step-by-step guide with video will teach you how to pronounce, read, and write all of the katakana characters. Modern Katakana Characters Modern katakana has 46 base characters: five singular … Read more

A screenshot of the Japanese hiragana character "a" with the stroke order. Next to it on the right, someone's had is seen writing it in on a piece of paper three times in blue ink.

The Complete Guide to Learning Hiragana: Reading & Writing (With Video)

ひらがな (hiragana) is the fundamental component of the Japanese writing system. カタカナ (katakana) and 漢字 (kanji) are the other two writing systems in Japanese.  If you want to learn all of the hiragana for free with step-by-step videos and descriptions, this guide is for you. In Japan, people start learning ひらがな (hiragana) at a very young age, usually in preschool or … Read more

An office with glass windows that can see through to the outside. People are talking to each other, with two men in the center, facing each other and bowing.

The Complete Guide to Japanese Honorific Titles: San, Sama, Chan, Kun, & More

What are honorifics? Honorifics are words used to imply high status, politeness, or respect. The Japanese language has many different honorifics. One of the challenges Japanese language learners face is how to differentiate between the various honorifics depending on gender, social hierarchy, age, and other factors.  This article will explore common Japanese honorifics: san, sama, … Read more

A Zen sand garden with smooth, curved lines running through it, with three stones stacked on top of each other in the middle. The text on the images says, "10 Useful Japanese Proverbs to Sound Like a Native Speaker."

10 Useful Japanese Proverbs to Make You Sound Like a Pro

Proverbs are used a lot in Japanese conversations. There are approximately 43,000 Japanese proverbs, according to the Great Dictionary of Tradition and Proverbs. Many of them are deeply rooted in traditional Japanese culture. Using common Japanese proverbs in conversations will surprise your friends with your knowledge and make conversations effective and exciting. This article will … Read more