A collage of the Miyajima Toori gate, a Shinto priest with his fingers touching his head, and some sort of alter, with mountains in the background. The image has tints of yellow and purple over it.

Shinto: A Look Into the Religion of Japan

Shinto, which means “the way of the Gods” or “Kami” (spirits), as they are referred to, is the oldest religion of the Japanese indigenous people. Shintoism dates back to around the sixth century B.C.E. Despite this lengthy history, Shinto is commonly understood to have become popular around the sixth century C.E. to distinguish between Buddhism, … Read more

A big Buddha statue in Japan. This statue shows the Buddha sitting down and meditating.

Buddhism: A Look Into the Beliefs, Practices & History 

Buddhism is an exercise in spiritual development. The ultimate aim is achieving enlightenment through the practices of meditation and mindful living. Practitioners also strive to develop qualities such as compassion, wisdom, and awareness. Enlightened beings experience life without rose-colored glasses, understanding that life—with all its beauty, trials, and tribulations—can be glorious. Buddhism teaches that by … Read more