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The 14 Best Shoujo Manga You’ll Fall in Love With

Since shoujo is such a feminine genre, some people avoid reading anything from it. Don’t let the romance put you off; shoujo manga has some amazing storylines that will draw you right in. We created this list to help you decide which shoujo manga to start with if you’re new to the genre. Now, let’s … Read more

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The 20 Best Seinen Manga To Blow Your Mind

Seinen is an age demographic for people between the ages of 18-40. The western world separates Young Adult (around age 15-19) and Adult (around age 20 and up) demographics. If the age group seems too broad, that’s because the labels are more in place for parental guidance rather than finding a specific genre. For something more … Read more

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The 11 Best Henshin (Metamorphosis) Manga That You Absolutely Must Read

One of the most overlooked genres in manga is Henshin or transformation manga. It’s because it overlaps with the most common ones like shounen or shoujo, and often henshin is just one aspect or element of the story that gets forgotten as the story progresses. (Imagine seeing Sailor Moon’s transformation the first time and how annoying it … Read more

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The Best 15 Survival Manga to Keep You on Edge

  If you’re done with action-adventure manga titles and want something more hard-hitting, you may want to consider exploring the survival genre. Here are our 15 must-read survival manga titles. Enjoy!   15. Darwin’s Game (FLIPFLOPs, 2012 – Present) It’s common to see manga plotlines where characters get roped in a game of death. And … Read more

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The 9 Best Yandere Manga That You’ll Never Forget

  Japanese manga is known for its different types of love. One of these is Yandere, where romantic obsession is borderline harmful or even criminal. Here, we see naive heroines stalking, brandishing weapons to deter their competition, or even killing anyone who gets in the way of their love. It’s different from a tsundere, where the character … Read more

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The 10 Best Romance Manga Your Heart Will Remember Forever

  This list of the best romance manga consists of titles that many people have overlooked because of more popular, mainstream titles. Except for Watakoi, all of the other series on this list have already been completed, so you can binge read them all the way until the end! Whether you’re single or in a … Read more

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The Ten Best Isekai Manga Ever Created

  The opening chapter is quite familiar: a young guy gets run over, stabbed, or just plain evaporates from his seat. He wakes up to a choice: be revived and save the world, or vanish forever. He takes the bait, and finds himself in an unfamiliar world full of strange people, with no idea what … Read more

Silhouette of a Creepy girl with ponytails holding a doll-like figure in her left hand and a knife in her right hand - Article title displayed "The 10 Best Horror Manga That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine"

The 10 Best Horror Manga That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

  While browsing your usual shonen, isekai, or slice of life fare, you often find yourself trailing off from the lack of action. If you’re looking for more edge-of-your-seat reads, consider picking up a horror manga, for a change. It’s the perfect palate cleanser if you’ve been chewing on epic tales of super-powered teens for … Read more

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The Top 5 Manga for Women in Their 20s

  Life has a way of keeping us busy. Between trying to pay the bills and making it through the day, it can be hard finding time to spend on your hobbies. LifeMany people have their first encounter with manga in their youth. I’ve often found myself wondering what’s good to read, but I don’t … Read more

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The 30 Best Manga of All Time

  Manga has been a worldwide phenomenon for decades. In Japan, manga is considered an art form. The beautiful stories have inspired generations of young people. Thousands of manga exist, but only a handful stand out from the rest. These are the best of the best. They move readers, entertain fans, and keep you on … Read more

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The Top 10 Harem Anime of All Time

  Girls, Girls and More Girls! The harem genre is one of the most developed and widely used themes in anime.  Having a legion of different women (or men in reverse-harem) attracted or even falling in love with the story’s main character has a “fantasy” appeal that anime fans dream about. Harem anime took off … Read more