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Using まじ (Maji) and まじで (Maji De) Naturally in Japanese

美月:この味、マジやばい~。美味しすぎる!Mitsuki: (Kono aji, maji yabai~. Oishi sugiru!)Mitsuki: This tastes absolutely incredible! So good! 雪子:確かに、これはマジでくせになるね。Yukiko:  (Tashika ni, kore wa maji de kuse ni naru ne.)Yukiko: Absolutely, this is seriously addictive. What Does まじ (Maji) and まじで (Maji De) Mean? まじ (maji) and まじで (maji de) are interchangeable in many cases. They both can mean: まじ (Maji) … Read more

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How to Say Good Luck in Japanese: 4 Different Ways

The most common way to wish someone good luck in Japanese is “頑張って(ね) (ganbatte (ne)).”   However, “頑張って(ね) (ganbatte (ne)) doesn’t exactly translate to “good luck” in English but is very commonly used in Japanese. We’ll cover other ways to say “good luck” in Japanese in this article, but “頑張って(ね) (ganbatte (ne)) is by far the … Read more

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What Does Doki Doki in Japanese Mean?

ドキドキ (doki doki) is used to express emotions such as nervousness, excitement, expectation, surprise, and so on. It describes the condition of your heart beating faster than usual. What Is ドキドキ (Doki Doki)? ドキドキ (doki doki) is an onomatopoeia, the Japanese sound for a “heart beating fast.” Doki doki is the perfect expression to describe … Read more

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What Does Moshi Moshi Mean in Japanese? Does It Really Mean “Hello?”

Using もしもし (Moshi Moshi): Saying Hello on the Phone In Japan, もしもし (moshi moshi) is commonly used when some answers the phone. It is equivalent to saying “hello” in English.  However, moshi moshi is only used over the phone. もしもし is one of the first Japanese expressions many students learn. Anytime you answer the phone in … Read more