An illustration of an angry looking woman wearing torn and tattered clothes holding a chainsaw. There is a big fire burning in the background.

The 20 Best Revenge Manga That Are Totally Satisfying

If you’re looking for a manga with intense storylines and strong, motivated characters, this list is for you. Revenge manga has some of the best plotlines in the history of manga, so you can’t put it down no matter how hard you try.   This list features a mix of funny revenge manga with a hint … Read more

An illustration of a futuristic cyborg looking creature firing a high-tech weapon that looks like a gun with their right hand and is holding a huge sword in their left hand.

The 20 Best Mecha Manga To Satisfy All Of Your Robotic Needs

Mecha is a genre of manga that focuses on mechanical advancements and is very popular among people of all ages worldwide. With so many technological advances, we often wonder if we will ever have a robot friend or fly through the skies in mechanized suits. Our dreams come true when we read this exciting genre. … Read more

An illustration of a woman wearing a blue hoodie sweater carry a glowing spear over her shoulders. Behind her is a huge, white wolf with glowing red eyes.

The 20 Best Reincarnation Manga That Will Make You Feel Reborn

Reincarnation, also known as Second-chance, is a manga genre where the protagonist dies and is reincarnated in another world. It is very entertaining to see characters going from their mundane lives to having magic, superpowers, or cool creatures around them. This genre has gotten extremely popular in the last few years, and many good series … Read more

An illustration of huge, golden colored gears jumbled together. A man is standing in front of them.

The 15 Best Steampunk Manga For Pure Enjoyment

What could be more fun than seeing the 19th century through the art in a manga? If you’re craving to see steam-powered machinery and gears in a Victorian setting, steampunk manga is exactly what you need.   The number of steampunk series is limited compared to other genres, but the ones that exist are truly refreshing. … Read more

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The 20 Best Short Manga Series: 5 Volumes Or Less

If you’re looking to read an amazing manga but don’t have time to read dozens of volumes, not to worry. There are some great short manga that still pack a punch in just a few volumes (or even just one). All of these manga are of between 1 – 5 volumes and include genres like … Read more

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The 20 Best Friendship Manga Ever Made

We often discuss popular manga genres such as comedy, shonen, romance, etc. But one beautiful genre we often forget about is friendship manga.  After reading tons of manga, I picked the very best friendship manga that you shouldn’t miss out on. Some are underrated gems that not many people know about.   In a couple of … Read more

An illustration of a couple wearing warm, red clothes, walking next to each other with the man holding an umbrella in one hand and his other arm around the woman. It appears to be snowing, with the aurora borealis in the background.

The 20 Best RomCom Manga to Make You Feel Good All Over

RomCom, also known as Romantic Comedy, is one of the most popular manga genres since it fills your heart with warmth. However, thousands of RomCom manga are out there, and choosing the perfect series can be difficult. Not to worry, though! Here is a list of some of the best romantic comedy manga ever. Within … Read more

An illustration of a platform at a train station, with a couple standing next to each other. In the background, tall buildings are seen.

The 20 Best Drama Manga That Will Leave An Impression On Your Heart

Every manga genre is entertaining in its own way, but one genre that never fails to impress is the drama genre. While there are many great and popular drama manga out there, this list includes some hidden gems and underrated titles that you should definitely check out.   Most of these titles are drama-heavy, psychological, and … Read more

An illustration of a man with his arms around a woman on a beach. They are watching the sunset into the ocean with the sky filled with colors of yellow and orange.

The 20 Best Slice of Life Manga to Warm Your Soul

Over the years, hundreds of manga have been written, many of which are famous worldwide. With genres ranging from action, isekai, and romance, one genre which stands out is slice of life manga.  Whether it’s a lazy Sunday morning or a Monday afternoon lunch break, slice of life manga is the perfect way to relax.  … Read more