Useful Japanese Lessons You’ll Actually Use

The lessons here will teach you natural Japanese that people actually use in Japan.   Instead of just teaching you the meaning of certain words or phrases, these lessons will give you insights on subtle nuances of words and how to use them in conversation.  If you are brand new to Japanese, check out our absolute beginner guide that will give you all the steps you need to start learning Japanese.

Real-World Japanese Lessons

Absolute Beginners Guide to Learning Japanese

Learning Japanese for Beginners
Guide II: Learning Japanese for Beginners

How to Count in Japanese Useful Numbers
Counting in Japanese: Numbers You’ll Actually Use

How to Order Food in Japanese
Restaurants: How to Order Food in Japanese

Going to the Doctor in Japan
Japanese for Visiting the Doctor in Japan

Japanese Kanji Cards
Most Useful Kanji for Tourists Traveling in Japan

How to Say Hello in Japanese

How to Say I Love You in Japanese

Japanese Slang Yabai
Popular Japanese Slang Words

Meeting People in Japan - Japan Handshake
Useful Phrases for Meeting People in Japan
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