A young, Asian woman in a pink-ish dress holding her first finger to her lips as if to say "shhh" to be quiet.

How to Say Shut Up in Japanese

Have you ever wanted to say “shut up” in Japanese? Even though Japan is a polite society, there may be times when you just want to tell someone to “shut up!” As a Japanese person, I don’t think we say “shut up” directly compared to other countries. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t have powerful … Read more

A young, Asian woman with her arms crossed in front of her face to form an "X" shape.

How to Say No in Japanese: 9 Natural Ways

When you live in Japan, you’ll encounter times when you’d like to say “no.”  There are many phrases you can use, which change according to the situation you find yourself in. Knowing these will help to make life easier. So let’s check out all of the different ways to say no in Japanese!  1. いいえ … Read more