A set of statues of people in a row, their hands in prayer, and see to be floating off the ground.

Nagasaki Churches, Christianity, & World Culture

Japan has had a complicated relationship with Western culture. Nagasaki is proof. Some of the Japanese-style buildings haven’t changed since the Edo period (1603 – 1868). Other buildings might make you think you’re in an old European village. Why is the City Like This? Japan was isolated during the Sakoku period (around 1639 – 1853). … Read more

A panaoramic shot of the many buidlings in Nagasaki next to the shore.

Things to Do in Nagasaki: The Atomic Bomb and Beyond

Nagasaki has a rich cultural history, but it’s mostly known for one tragic event: the atomic bombing on the ninth of August in 1945. In a few seconds, around 40,000 people died and Nagasaki changed forever. Seventy-two years later, Nagasaki has rebuilt but not forgotten. The number of living survivors decreases each year. The Nagasaki … Read more