A close-up of a woman's open mouth with her right hand cupped in front of it to "amplify" her voice.

How to Practice Speaking Japanese Alone

5 Ways to Practice Speaking Japanese on Your Own If you have already read our “best way to learn Japanese” guide, then you know that I highly recommend you practice speaking Japanese with a teacher or tutor. There are so many great Japanese teachers online now that it’s easy to find someone who you can … Read more

An older Asian man wearing a cooks uniform is writing something down on a restaurant order sheet inside of a restaurant.

How to Order Food in Japanese

Dining Out in Japan:  How to Order Food in Japanese like a Pro Japan has some of the best food in the world.  I’m talking about finger-licking, lip-smacking, and spine-shivering deliciousness.  However, many restaurants in Japan don’t have an English speaking staff.  Sure, you could use gestures and very simple English to your point across.  … Read more

Japanese Counting System Kanji Chart (numbers 1 - 10)

How to Count in Japanese – Numbers You’ll Actually Use

Normal Counting – Sino-Japanese Number Japanese – Romaji Kanji Hiragana Katakana 0 rei, zero 零 れい、ぜろ レイ、ゼロ 1 ichi 一 いち イチ 2 ni 二 に ニ 3 san 三 さん サン 4 yon, shi 四 よん、し ヨン、シ 5 go 五 ご ゴ 6 roku 六 ろく ロク 7 nana, shichi 七 なな、しち ナナ、シチ 8 … Read more