People waiting at a crosswalk in Shinjuku. There are many tall buildlings in front of them.

The Best Cheap Hotels in Shinjuku

Shinjuku has gone through many changes in recent years, but the district is still a nightlife hotspot, home to a plethora of bars, izakaya and entertainment options. If you want to take full advantage of Shinjuku’s nightlife opportunities but don’t want the hassle of getting across Tokyo afterwards (Tokyo’s public transport system shuts down at … Read more

People skiing atop a high hill overlooking buildings and the ground below. A snow covered mountain is in the background.

Niseko: A Winter Wonderland for Skiers

If your idea of heaven is miles and miles of fresh powder, Niseko is the place for you. The ski and snowboard resort is popular for several good reasons.  Niseko’s winter coincides with summer in the southern hemisphere. This makes the resort popular with Australians.  Many have settled in Niseko and started their own businesses. … Read more

The front of the Old Government Building in Sapporo, with a sign in the front that says "WELCOME! HOKKAIDO"

What to Do in Sapporo: A Year-Round Guide

The majority of Sapporo’s visitors come in winter for the city’s famous Snow Festival. Even if your schedule doesn’t allow you to visit in winter, don’t pass up a chance to see this beautiful city.  Sapporo has a lot to offer. The historical village gives you insight into Hokkaido’s pioneering past. The iconic markets offer … Read more

A huge snow sculpture of a big building with pillars around. At the bottom of this sculpture are ice pieces that have been illuminated with different colors (blue, pink, yellow).

Things to Do in Sapporo: Amazing Ice Sculptures, Food, and Fun

Sapporo has a lot to offer. It’s the Prefectural Capital of Hokkaido and Japan’s fifth largest city.  Thanks to Hokkaido’s reputation as a skiing and snowboarding paradise, most people visit Sapporo just for the winter sports. This is a shame! Even during Hokkaido’s harsh winter, it’s worth spending some time exploring Sapporo. You don’t want … Read more

A group of Tokyo Baseball Japanese Fans cheering in the stands awith one group holding a flag of Japan.

Tokyo Baseball Games: Feel the Energy of the Crowd!

Sumo may be Japan’s national sport, but baseball is Japan’s most popular past time.  English professor Horace Wilson introduced baseball to Japan in 1872. Since then, the game has become Japan’s favorite form of recreation. Professional baseball started in the 1920s. It’s now firmly established as the most watched sport in Japan. There are a … Read more

The entrance at Universal Studios Japan decorated with Christmas decorations like lights, ribbons, and a hanging wreath. People are walking towards the entrance.

Universal Studios Japan: Pure Magic Despite the Wait

Rather than recreating previous Universal theme parks in Orlando and Hollywood, Universal Studios Japan has developed and expanded new and existing rides, incorporates Japanese entertainment franchises and has a more “Japanese” feel to it than the Tokyo Disney parks. It also has a universal appeal that any international visitor would love as well. The official … Read more

A lit-up stone path with trees around it at Mt Koya at night.

Koyasan: An Amazing Adventure

Koyasan: Monks, Monasteries, and Mausoleums Koyasan is the closest the modern tourist will come to experiencing the true Japan… or at least, the true Japan as it relates to Buddhism. Koyasan is the home of Shingon Buddhism. Founded by the monk Kukai, Shingon has shaped Japanese thought for well over a millennium. Although Koyasan means … Read more

Imperial Palace Gardens Tokyo with a small bridge over a small body of water, which is reflecting the bridge.

The Imperial Palace Gardens: Find Peace in Japan’s Busiest City

Tokyo’s intense crowds, underground subway passages, and blaring neon lights can make you claustrophobic.  The Imperial Palace Gardens offers a break with some of the loveliest scenery in Tokyo. Escape the busy crush of commuting workers. Slow down, relax, and enjoy the beauty of the garden. It’s just a 10-minute walk from Tokyo Station. What … Read more

Matsuyama Sunset

Matsuyama Japan: A Cool Castle, Amazing Onsen, and Using Birds for Fishing!?

Matsuyama: A Literary Adventure Matsuyama — and its historic bathhouse, Dogo Onsen — are immortalized in Natsume Soseki’s famous novel, Botchan.  The city celebrates its literary past with enthusiasm. The author’s influence can be seen in the most unlikely places. Enjoy some Botchan dango, a snack sold everywhere in Matsuyama. This dessert is made up … Read more

A tall pagoda surrounded by green trees, with a waterfall in the background.

The Complete Japan Travel Guide

Whether you visit Japan for a short stay or a long vacation, this complete Japan travel guide will help you to prepare. Japan’s customs, culture, and weather is probably completely different from your home country. In fact, it’s probably different from any other country in the world. Don’t be put off – it may take … Read more

Small Japanese style cat figurines on a wooden surface.

Top 10 Unique Museums in Japan: You’ve Never Seen Anything Like This

Japan is well known for putting its own unique spin on things. Their museums are no different.  You’ll find hundreds of museums in Japan. They cover everything from anime characters to buttons to parasites. Forget the National Science Museum or the Museum of Modern Art. Make tracks for our top ten quirky Japanese museums you … Read more

Sensoji Temple at Night with lit up laterns in front of it.

Sensoji Temple: History, Food, and Amazing Festivals

Sensoji isn’t the just oldest temple in Tokyo. It’s actually much older than Tokyo itself.  The temple drew crowds when Tokyo was a sleepy fishing village. It’s still popular today, despite the many attractions Tokyo offers.  The skyscrapers in the area dwarf the main hall, distinctive gates, and five-story pagoda. Don’t be put off by … Read more

The outside of Tokyo Station, with the street lamps lit up.

Tokyo Station: So Much to See and Do

Are you an architectural aficionado? Or maybe you would prefer to be surrounded by amazing stores and shop for hours on end? If neither strikes your fancy, how about trying some ramen that will leave your taste buds asking for more? Tokyo Station has architectural domes that rival the cathedrals of Europe, an incredible indoor … Read more

Huis Ten Bosch - A Windmill can be seen in the foreground with a river, house, and big building in the background.

3 Theme Parks in Japan That Will Blow Your Mind

Japan doesn’t lack theme parks.  Serious Disney fans make the pilgrimage to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. In Osaka, Universal Studios Japan draws countless crowds of domestic and international visitors.  Japan’s unique theme parks are less well known. The weirder theme parks – like the New Zealand farm themed attraction — didn’t survive the bursting … Read more

The outside of the Ikebukuro Sunshine City Mall in Japan.

Things to Do in Ikebukuro: Fun For Everyone

Ikebukuro: Japan’s Female Otaku Scene Ikebukuro is filled with so many things to do. You can enjoy aquariums, arcades, amazing city views from sky-high buildings, and a Pokemon Center that has a huge selection of items to choose from. For the ladies, you could even rent your own private butler for a few hours.  Without … Read more

A street in Shibuya, with many people walking around looking at the various shops.

Shibuya: The Heart of Street Fashion

What to Do in Shibuya During the Day Move over Ginza! Shibuya is rapidly replacing the glamorous department store district as the new center of Tokyo’s fashion scene. Shibuya’s Harajuku district has already reached international fame. But this area is only the start. Shibuya’s Omotesando shopping street is known as the “Champs-Élysées” of Tokyo – … Read more

Ueno Park Tokyo - People walking a long a walking path with trees on both sides, as well as people sitting down on benches in front of a small pond.

Ueno Park: Something for Everyone

Can you picture one thousand cherry trees in full blossom?  Do you crave ancient temples with beautiful architecture?  Would you like to view the largest collection of Japanese art in the world?  Do your kids like engaging, hands-on science museums?  Do they like the zoo? Do you (nothing wrong with admitting it!)? If so, you’ll … Read more

Odaiba,Tokyo at night with the Ferris wheel lit up with vibrant colors of green, blue, yellow, and red.

Odaiba Japan: A Seaside Playground for All Ages

Do you enjoy interactive museums, arcades, shopping, or architectural feats of genius? How about cars, cosplay, beaches, or onsens? Odaiba has all this, and more.  Odaiba showcases the best of modern Japan.  You’re going to love the high tech island haven of Odaiba. Odaiba’s Origins Odaiba was once the declining Shogun’s defense against the outer … Read more

Some of the huge buildings lit up at night in Ginza. A yellow taxi can be seen driving by.

Ginza: Tokyo’s Glamorous Past

Chic shopping, world-class cuisine, and awe-inspiring architecture await you.  Ginza is THE place to window shop in Tokyo.  Opulent brands and cutting-edge trends abound.  Japan’s prominent retailers have flagship stores in Ginza. They go way over the top to get your business.  You’ve never had a department store experience like this.  After browsing the overpriced … Read more